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lately you're all i need

Which Character from The Last Unicorn Are YOU?

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when i was little, i watched this cartoon over and over. i think i watched it so much, that on some subconscious level i lived the rest of my life following a loose interpretation of it.

i'm a witch, or whatever word you want to use. i have powers, i've had them all my life and if you were here with me right now, i could prove it, but you're not, so it really doesn't matter i supposed, but being what i am, i've always been slightly held apart from the rest of the world.
i wandered in between the natural and supernatural, always keeping to myself incase someone try to get to close, try to cage me up for themselves. until i met alex. i wanted to be chained to him for the rest of eternity. but he couldn't comprehend the world i lived in, or what i was under my human skin. so i revoked my power, cut myself off from The Lady, and was banished. all for him, but .. in the end we couldn't be together.

now, i live my life, trying to regain that thing i was born with, but there will forever be this decaying heartbeat to remind me of what had been.

i don't regret this.
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