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return to camp meme

1. If u had to re-populate the earth wit a kika baby of ur own.. and it had to be w/ a female.. who would it be?(can be famous person,etc or someone u know)
XD hm .. i don't think it would matter if i was repopulating the earth, whoever was closest and could bear children would work. if you're asking would i sleep with a girl and who, i'd prolly pick someone like anjolina jolie.

2. Do you have tuesday panties?
tuesday panties are really more like a thought or concept i think, more like a symbol of the search for accepting yourself and being happy with who you are.

3. Who is the mothman? and why does he send you love letters?
XD damn that mothman, he loves me too much!

4. Do you think most people like/dislike you?
i think most people like me, i have some kind of evil supernatural charm thing going on. but when someone doesn't like me i think it goes straight to hate, like it's some kind of balance (ying/yang) thing.

5. If you had to take over a big company the next day, wit hours warning, cuz' ur boss died of heartattack, would you do it? or would u pass it off to someone else?
yes, i think i work better under pressure. :d
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