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all up in the meme .. yo!

yume: ask me questions!
yume: XD ask me now!
yume: i need to be judged!
hika: o_o eh?
yume: i want to be asked questions
yume: like you did with noah
yume: :o bring upon teh questions!
hika: :P respond in the LJ first ho
yume: eh .. which one?
yume: yours?
yume: XD damn it
yume: this is too difficult
hika: :P
hika: just respond in the commens and say "ask meh!' and then I ask you
yume: how far back is yours?
hika: I dunno
hika: the subject is 'welcome to the meme'
yume: XD damn you meme
yume: :'D jesus im back like a 100 entries on my friends page
yume: this is a dumb rule
yume: :o
yume: XD there i replied in your meme thing
*** hika signed off at Mon Aug 04 13:10:04 2003.

XD wtf?!
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