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:o working at work?! who ever thought of such a thing?

since shonda left (even before then really) no one's been going out and getting supplies, so we're alwoays low on something and having to borrow from other departments. so last week or so i was over at admin. borrowing some address labels for some things we needed to look official and darlene gave me a quick walk through on filling out a office depot order form.

so i went back to the office and filled one out and put a bunch of crap on there, then stuck it in romi's box (my new supervisor) and forgot about it. well i guess today all the crap i ordered arrived, so now i'm here printing out rolodex cards. XD

:'D jesus crazy people are crazy.

my cousin just came over to the police department and asked me to call tonia (our old chief of police who was fired) to let her know that her dog was out, cause (and this is quoting my cousin here) "usually tonia is really good about keeping her dogs tied up, and maybe she is out of town and it got loose." so i called the officer on duty and pretty much repeated what my cousin had said word for word to him. so he comes back on the radio and tells me that the dog was already back in the yard when he got there.

XD then i get a angry ass call from tonia, and i explain to her that nicole didn't come in here and "file a complaint" which tonia had asked "who came into the office and filed a complaint against me?" that she had just come over to have someone put her dog back incase no one was home. and tonia goes "if that little bitch wants to say shit about me she can say it to my face!" and hung up. :'D wtf?

catt has a neat idea for something that i'd like to be a part of, but i don't know if i have the discipline to finish.
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