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warning - male nudity XD yay!

hoho the angel / xander picture is done :D

angel and xander - click the pic to see uncensored version
angel & xander #001 in a series of ???

i'm so glad that silv agreed to do this series with me, i already have the next image sketched out. here's a preview:

angel xander image 002 sketch - click the pic to see uncensored version

just have to work out a few more anatomy issues i'm not happy with.

it's so awesome having three days off again. i don't know what to do with myself. which is partly why i had time to actually draw something on paper.
i got my l'odysseé d'alice tremblay dvd today. it was really awesome, im so glad i decided to get it (thanks jaya)

XD actually i ordered a bunch of tiny little things that all kind of arrived this week, so it's been like a mini xmas or something.

:l there's so many things kinda breaking down when it comes to OC -- total suck (not the good kind) i kind of wish it would all go away, but things really do have to change .. one way or another i suppose.

:3 talking to bee and noah is so much fun.
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