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it's been a while .. i kept opening this bastard up to write something, but i kept getting distracted too :'D

today i had to come in to work at 7am XD i hate freaking work. but! i didn't have to work, not really .. i had to start the first day of a two day crash course in NCIC.

the good: our teacher is dahlia, who is so awesome.
the bad: um XD we don't do enough of anything but traffic stops to really stay current with everything you need to know to be certified.

XD crap, i just spent like 2 hours i should have spent studying trying to fix my brothers laptop (with euphoric's help :3 i luff him)

teen titans has way too many anime cliches or whatever. every 2 seconds someone reverts to chibi or makes a god awful poorly imitated anime face. everything is very poorly timed. :o and that robin dude seems to have a something of a constant hardon in his new spanky green pants :'D

so today was weird, cause i've been in such a fucking bad mood about work for the longest time that i forgot how often i used to have a good time when i came into work. dahlia kept bringing up funny things that had happened and old employees thsat don't work there anymore :') bittersweet memories or something

XD as for teh schooling, i think i will do very good on the simulations on the computer and the multiple choice portion of the test, but i dunno about the parts where you actually have to fill in a word or write out something. there's so much technical jargon that we don't use and everything is repeated often only said different, so it all gets stupid without the books.

synchronicity for today: (an impertinent) shadowcat

oh yea i drew this:

angel and xander doing naughty things
click on the censored thumbnail for the NC-17 version

silv agreed to collab it with me, so he's coloring it right now. i love him :D and want to have all of his gay babies.
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