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i was 14 minutes late to work today. people around here are acting like i fucking killed jesus.

XD i woke up today around 1pm and decided to sleep a little more since i didn't have to be in till 4pm, but i must have turned off my alarm cause i didn't wake up until 320pm. so i got up, got ready, didn't even get out of the shower until 358pm and decided 'fuck it, im going to be late.' instead of trying to rush around and end up at work uncomfortable.

so i get in, and the lt. calls me in the back room (i swear to god, it felt like he was going to fire me or something) and he starts in with "what happened today?" so i tell him, i just over slept so then he tells me all this crap about how i need to get up earlier and how the person i want to relieve wants to leave. so i was just like ".. okay."

XD i think fucking daniel (who i relieved today) might have made some big dramatic deal about me being late. he's a total brown noser and has ignored the chain of command repeatedly in the past to run to the supervisors with lame complaints. i wanna go back there and get pissy with the lt. and ask him if he treats everyone like this when they're late..

we have this policy thing (or whatever) that if you are over 4 minutes late, the timeclock marks you 14 minutes late. so if i know i'm going to be over 4 minutes late i usually don't come in till 14 minutes after my shift is supposed to begin, cause i'm not going to work 10 minutes for free. :'D is there something wrong with that? if i'm already going to be docked time from my shift, should i have to come in and work that time if i'm not getting paid for it?
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