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stolen from mad hatter X33

last cigarette: um .. like 14 years ago maybe

last kiss: XD the last guy i kissed is dead now

last good cry: i dunno, i don't cry often enough

last library book checked out:i haven't checked out a book in a couple of years, i did buy this awesome book from the 60's/70's about feminine hygiene/etiquette for 50 cents.

last movie seen: Prince Charming in TNT

last book read:Blood and Gold by Anne Rice & some of the Tales of the Slayer vol. 1

last cuss word uttered: god damn it

last beverage drank: mr pibbs fountain drink from mcdonalds

last food consumed: one of those new griddle breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds

last crush: Orlando bloom?

last phone call: god damn Simon .. i leave work, walk all the way to my house and her someone calling my name, turn around it's cloryssa saying i got an important call, so i walk all the way back to work only for it to be god damn Simon talking shit about one of his supposed 'visits' again. (i hate the god damn phone)

last tv show watched: the Sunday night sex show

last time showered: this morning about 650am

last shoes worn: my scrungy pair of white sneakers i bought from that Chicago payless :'D

last cd played: my burned mp3 disk i listen to when i sleep

last item bought: birthday stuff for my brother and an electric snow cone maker

last downloaded: mp3 Cat Power - He War

last annoyance: our security guard service didn't send anyone, and i had to find a number for them via old paperwork cause the stupid fucks in MIS deleted our rolodex. then when i find a number we don't need it anymore cause the lt. had already found it, but didn't tell me.

last disappointment: the whole cat thing

last soda drank: mr pibbs thing

last thing written: OCmail

last key used: the period key

last word spoken: "yes"

last sleep:last night about 5 hours

last im: yesterday with teh bunny

last sexual fantasy: :o prolly some thing to do with spike or xander

last weird encounter: this weird guy at Wal-Mart last night, totally creeped me out. i think he might have been a demon or monster in a human skin.

last ice cream eaten: choco dipped cone from McDonalds a couple nights ago

last time amused: i've been watching shanghai knights, it's kind of funny

last time wanting to die: yesterday when the heat exhaustion was the worst

last time in love: forever ago

last time hugged: ;____; I need hugs.

last time scolded: i scolded myself this morning when i wanted to eat a ice cream for breakfast :'D

last chair sat in: computer chair at work

last lipstick used: um .. i used some skinlights rose quarts lip gloss a while ago ..

last underwear worn: :O! XD i dunno, i just grabbed some this morning. i think they were dark blue or black.

last bra worn: :O! (foRealZ)

last shirt worn: stupid work shirt

last time dancing:dancing is forbidden

last webpage visited: OC paintchat, but it keeps erroring ..
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