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are you there god? it's me yume.

i'm prolly going to pee myself or something tonight while i sleep

i've had like 10 medium sized glasses of water, 1 large bottle of water, 2 glasses of ice tea, 2 cans of soda and two medium sized bottles of watermelon gatorade.

on the plus side, i feel much better, still really horrible, but not as horrible as i did this morning. on the bad side .. possibly peeing in the bed :'D

we took my odd brother to walmart to buy clothes for his birthday. he's such a freak, he'll only buy clothes from walmart, and even then he can't make up his mind and ends up having everyone else pick stuff out for him. i was feeling really crappy and ended up sitting partially hidden in a rack of pants. people kept coming over to look at me, they prolly thought i was retarded, i didn't care, every single movement i made hurt.

i got my brother some cd things, i just picked some things at random and then ended up letting him look at them before i bought them, just to make sure he didn't already own them, turns out he already had the most expensive one.

everyone and their mama was at wal mart. it was crazy like lunch meat. we ended up in a pretty short line, but there were old people, so it took almost twice as long as every other line. there was this lady with her son (he was a cutey) behind us, she was mad insane about scheduling. every minute she would come up with a different route home cause at 1106pm there was heavy traffic on decatur (so not true) and at 1110pm Charleston had crazy drivers. this went on for awhile since we were in line for mearly 15 minutes. i could tell her son was getting tired of it, whenever she made up a new route, he just nodded and grunted something affirming that she was most likely right.

when we finally got outside it was windy and there were huge bolts of lightening hitting the mountains every few seconds. it was so beautiful. i hope the storms move closer to us. the last rain we had was quick and dirty like bad sex. we need a really good rain, with thunder and lightening and possibly power outages. :)
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