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it doesn't matter who you are as long as you can tell there's something worth fighting for

t(*o*t) nuts to you goddamn air conditioner ..

our AC went out yesterday and for like 13 hours we cooked slowly. and all it was was a goddamn loose wire .. :')

i have heat exhaustion though, and i think i might preffer being dead, or um maybe not having it at all ..

i drew some crap, lemme find it

xander and angel maybe ..

i drew that in the stove at OC, but with the stupid heat and all didn't feel like finishing it and it got auto-deleted.

i also drew this today in pchat

orlando bloom i luff you

clarion inspired me to do some realism type thing. she's does awesome stuff with watercolors :d

i think my blow dryer is dead. i decided to not blow dry my hair today, then decided i had better, then the damn thing didn't work.

:l i have to work these weirdo 12 hour shifts, and i hate them so much. XD and i used to tell my boss that we should all go to 12 hour shifts -- i used to be one crazy bitch :'D
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