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I got my rape hat on, but honey I always could accessorize...

something i'm working on. if you read it, lemme know what you think. i don't know if i'll finish it or not. it's kind of based around the Bloody-Mary urban legend.

this was all taken from an IM i had with noah. before i started i didn't really have any idea where the story would go only that there was a guy with a curse, a girl trying to revenge her family and a little sister with a lot of power. i just took out our names and any side comments.

No title yet.

There are three room mates or something, and they're doing the getting to know you thing and playing with a ouiji board. So we find out that the main character was adopted (him and his kid sister) and other pointless junk. So the ouiji board is spouting garbage, then it starts to make out real words, something like a warning, but it doesn't make sense

Then the ouiji board thing spells out the knick name the main guys kid sister called him. And he can't remember if he told his new roommates about it or not, so he doesn't know if someone is messing with him or not. The board also spells out some stuff about the Bloody-Mary monster urban legend, which one of the roommates (not the main character) hasn't heard about. So the main character heads off to get a drink or something and the other two go off to the bathroom so the one that knows about it can explain it to the other one.

While they're gone the ouiji board planchet starts moving on its own spelling out the warning again. Then cut scene to a little girl's bedroom where the main characters little sister is asleep murmuring. The then sits up and starts screaming the same warning t6hat the ouiji board was spelling. Everything starts to glow until nothing can be seen, white out as the little girl screams

Back to the main guy, he's kind of blanked out in the kitchen; the lights blink around him then go out. He's having a kind of seizure or something, seeing things. Lots of blood, memories that aren't his ECT. His eyes start to bleed as the visions get more intense, then he starts to change. Turn kind into a shadow or something with claws red eyes, nightmarish stuff, but then it stops. Begins to fade away. Then something behind him is knocked over and it kind of breaks the trance or whatever. The main guy turns to see what made the noise and turns just in time to miss being shot with a creepy gothic looking arrow thing (or something).

There's a really hot girl standing behind him holding some archaic weapon. She aims to shoot again when screams start coming from the bathroom. The girl's eyes flash red and she gives the main guy one last look before taking off towards the bathroom. Without thinking the main guy takes off after the girl. The apartment thing is dark though and he bumps into a lot of stuff slowing him down. By the time he gets to the bathroom the screams have stopped. His eyes have adjusted to the dark a little and he can see the girl struggling with something. He yells at her, distracting her and she falls away. The lights flicker and he sees that the bathroom is covered in blood. The lights come back on all the way and there's two legs sticking out of the mirror. They twitch, and then fall away from the mirror. One of the room mates lays on the floor cut to pieces.

The girl is up and curses, then slams a fist into the mirror breaking it. She turns and pushes the main guy up against a wall (getting more blood everywhere) and she stabs him in the shoulder pinning him to the wall. The blade she uses burns him like fire and the wound smokes. The girl takes this in and asks him who he is. But instead of answering he's began to notice the gore and throws up and begins crying for her not to kill him.
Things are starting to click in the girl's brain, and she pulls the knife out. The guy falls to the ground. The lights flicker again, and the girl is on guard. The room kind of shakes and the broken mirror begins to ooze blood or something. The girl asks the guy if there are any more mirrors in the apartment. the guys is like in shock or something, maybe more crying, and she grabs him and lifts him up like off the floor. And repeats the question. He mumbles something about one of his roommate's rooms the girl grabs him and pushes him out of the bathroom. The lights are still flickering. The girl retraces her steps pushing the guy in front of her (they need names) they're heading to an open window that leads out to a fire escape. Before they make it there the phone rings. The lights pop back on as the phone rings again

Cut to a house on fire in a more residential area. An old woman is standing outside in the street with a bunch of other people as fire men try to put the fire out. The old woman turns to an officer and tells him there's no answer and that the son has just moved to the city for school.

Back to the guy and girl. They're crouched, hidden in a dark alley. The guy isn't crying anymore. The girl pushes some clothes at him and tells him to change. He doesn't move so she tells him to change or she'll stab him again. While he changes she asks him stuff like what his name is and who his parents where ECT. None of his answers are what she wants to hear. So she grabs him and pulls up his shirt and looks at the shoulder she stabbed him. The wound is completely healed which seems to frustrate her more. She pushes him against the wall knocking him over. She swears and says nothing makes sense. She turns back to the guy and grabs him again and asks him if he knows this name (I don't know which name yet, some old family name) and he shakes his head no.

She tells him that it's his name. But he doesn't know what she's talking about. This just pisses her off more. She grabs again, but before she can be mean or whatever to him again. She kind of freezes then a little girls voice comes out her mouth (which doesn't move). It's the guys little sister (the one form the ouiji board), she's crying for him and is telling him he has to run, get away. The girl begins to struggle. She brings a hand to her throat and pulls out a charm she wears and squeezes it in her hand. She begins to bleed and the little girl's voice begins to fade away.

Hearing his little sisters voice seems to have snapped the guy out of whatever shock he was in. he grabs the girl and shakes her yelling at her to bring his sister back. The girl is kind of weakened or something, but struggles back and ends up punching him in the face. His eyes flash red like hers did before and he rushes the girl and fights back.
They kung-fu fight a bit (or whatever) and he finally gets the better of the girl and pins her against a wall a few inches off the ground. She begins to laugh and says she knew all along that he was a killer. This makes him stop, and she says she was a fool for believing his act and that he should kill her like he killed the rest of her family and be done with it. He lets her go and begins to walk away. She doesn't get up but she calls after him and says she can't let him walk away from this alive.

He ignores her and keeps walking. As he nears his apartment, he stops because there are police cars everywhere. He hears some people talking, saying that the police are looking for some guy that killed his roommates. He turns back the way he came, walking away.
The girl appears again, looking as beaten up as he does. He says something smart assed about how he can't fight to the death with her right now, he has to call home. The girl stops walking and tells him that his home is gone. He stops and turns on her, she holds up her hands and says she had nothing to do with it then taps her head and tells him its residue from his sister. And she tells him about the fire.


again just taken from the same IM.

noah: so that's all you've got so far?
yume: hm .. kinda
noah: (not to say that's not much; i was just interested in more lol)
yume: i know that the guy and girl are related
noah: hmm i see
noah: out of the story ideas you've presented to me thus far; i'd most like to see something done with this one i think

yume: thier family was cursed by a goddess or some other kind of magical being. and in every genration someone must become this beast that kills people who envoke it. only the girls 'family' like branched off from the main family because they didn't want to be insane killers. and instead learned all they could about the curse, all kinds of archane dark magics and such looking for a way to combat those who killed.
noah: i see
yume: and the main guy was illegitimate or something so no one really knew about him. and somehow he's like the last of his bloodline (aside form the girl i suppose ..) which makes him the next in line.

yume: his little sister is like a decendent of the goddess or something
yume: i think
noah: hmm ok
yume: i think the original goddess died or was killed, and only she can remove the curse. and over the years all her magicks and spells have begin to die off
noah: aah hmm
yume: i think when all the magicks are gone, or extremly narrowed someone can step in and claim the goddesses power
noah: sounds reasonable
yume: :'d i think thats why the little girl was 'awakened'. someone or something wants this power and is taking out the goddesses magicks, one of the last being the curse on this family, which it is somehow tapping into. if thngs had been left alone she wuold have been a normal little girl
noah: i see
yume: but then her brother would have become a monster and the hot chick would have killed him :'D
noah: and it would've been a very short story :P

yume: lol

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