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there you go, you're getting over ..

i have 10 minutes to write something meaningful :o!

maybe i will just be dumb and write about crap though :'d like how simon is retarded.

:o shufu is leaving tomorrow, i will have to spam her livejournal while she is gone.

XD romi and i are kinda unofficially in charge while the chief decides who is actually going to be in charge, but um that ho went on vacation and did all this crazed crap concerning the new girl and the schedule. and some things are going wonky. nothing that some quick thinking can't fix, but still, she should have atleast given me more of a heads up or involved me in what she was doing.

the new girl came in today for her first shift. and she didn't know anything about anything :'D so i spent the last two hours of my shift throwing information at her. XD i gave her a little memopad and told her take notes, but i think she thought i was kidding cause she didn't take any notes and i pretty much told her everything she will need to know about dispatching (except for stuff concerning the NCIC terminal, though i did get her some books to read and made her watch a video about why the NCIC system is so important).

nothing much has happened .. at least i don't think so. i can't really recall anything significant, but my memory comes and goes.

i want to draw crazy crap, but then when it actually comes to drawing something i just sit there and scribble junk, the uncool type of junk.

i wonder how kawa is doing. i should call her. i think she will be out of the hospital tomorrow though.

i like that new spiderman thing that's on tv. i like whatever they're using to make it. everything looks so smooth and not dumb, like some (most) of the CG cartoons out now.

going to bed now, i suposse. i got my copy of same differance and other stories by derek kirk kim today, i'll probably read that some first. i don't really know anything about it other then the cover looks pretty cool. if anyone is interestied i think you can find out more about it here: http://www.smallstoriesonline.com

this weeks synchronicity: frogs
once again, i have not bothered to figure out why the cosmos keeps throwing this in my face. i have seen the movie (like 3 years ago) but i can't really think of anything important about it except that that sam elliot guy used to be something of a hottie, back in the very early 70's..
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