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stop right there before i get bitter

noah is so cool :') i think i've quoted him more in my journal then anyone else.

noah: goddamn i'm wasting my life :P
yume: me too
yume: lets make a club
noah: what would we do? we're both states away :P we'd just waste time on the computer
yume: we'll solve mysteries and waste life
yume: it'll be like scooby doo only not retarded and without a dog
noah: maybe we should inflict life-wasting situations upon others
yume: yes
noah: like villians-like
yume: :o oh-ho-ho-ho yes
noah: meh, kinda sounds like a waste of time -_-;
yume: :l yea
noah: i need to like ... find some place to go and like ... do stuff, or something
yume: this stuff you wanna do should invlove dalmations and fire
noah: do dalmations burn well?
yume: they have fur
yume: should be quit nice
noah: true
noah: i wonder why they're stereotypically placed in fire stations
yume: maybe they will replace gasoline
noah: they should get dogs that are fireproofs
noah: like hellhounds or something
yume: :o or better yet, cats
yume: cats dont give a damn if your on fire
noah: true
noah: that damned comic depressed me
yume: :(
yume: welcome to my life
yume: lets eat pie
yume: pie cooked over a dalmation fire
yume: :'D thats the best kind you know
noah: i'm sure it is
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