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isn't it charming, so careful when im in your arms ..

:l i have acomplished nothing.

:'D im so freaking cool.

my plan for the day: draw sailor saturn in the coloring book!

what i did today: read this comic; http://www.drewweing.com/; ate a bunch of crap food; thought about drawing sailor saturn; talked to shufu

phone call i just got:

*phone rings*
me: paiute police department.
them: i'm trying to reach a residence. is this a residence?
me: no.
them: *click*


:o i think i feel left out! <-- just had some kind of realization.

everyone is like in chicago at kat's house. i hate work :'D

:l my boss sent me a memo today (really he sent it yesterday, and i wasn't supposed to know about it, but i know all >:0) he wants me to write an essey type thing explaining why i should be the new TAC supervisor ..

:'d i haven't written anything serious in over 10 years.

i think he really wants me to have the job, but i really don't see myself writting this essey.

i'd be perfect for this job ..

damn the man .. damn him and his dalmations..

I am kinda writing this post to tell you that I shot the sherrif at the your mama's house. shufu, simon, and I thought it would be a good idea because we saw it on aqua teen hunger force. After that, we had dirty mexicans and whore cakes at that place where your daddies keeps his frilly pink panties. Our waiter was really filthy with lies! Unfortunately, I got food poisoning and threw up in my soul. live long you dirty slut~!
MadBlog by quill18

i totally cheated at this :')
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