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i left this open all damn day :'d

bean is cool like a drumstick icecream :d

i am 210240 hours old :o

XD i'm looking at random livejournals with bean and there really are a lot of russian ones. a lot a-lot.

and now a picture, for no reason whatsoever

:o i drewed-ed this in pchat, pchat is a cool place. maybe too cool for you and your mama though <_< maybe you and your un-cool mama should like go get some lessons in cool or something. XD damn that simon, he said he had an internet connection, but i think he lied to me. :o he said his mom went crazy wacko and is chasing his step-dad from new mexico to las vegas shooting at him with a crazy ass gun when ever she catches up to him on the road. :'D i told him that he would be sitting at home (or wherever) and the lights would go out. and the mothman would turn to him and say "im outta here, this shit is too freaky for me." and leave simon all alone in the dark. :') then simon would get up tp go pee, in the dark bathroom he would see a silohette of his mom and the moonlight coming through the window would shine her eyes and gun. then the lights would pop back on and simon would be alone in the bathroom. XD
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