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my back hurts from sleeping funny ..

i've spent the last day and a half in my bed room just kind of moping around and sleeping. my room is full of crap, but really boring :o gotta figure out a way to make my room more exciting..

we took the kittens to the vet yesterday and it turned out that 3 of them were leukemia+ so my brother told the vet to put all 4 of them to sleep.

:') so i asked the vet to leave for a moment and told my brother i didn't care what he did, but i was taking the white kitten home. so all of a sudden i'm a bitch and he's calling our mom. but she was in a meeting at work, so we ended up taking all 4 kittens home till we could talk to her.

so the moment we get home he sneaks off while i'm changing the food and water in the kittens cage. so i go into the bathroom to clean out their bowl and i can hear him outside on the porch talking to my mom on his cell.

so then he comes back into the house and hands me the phone, and i already know what my mom is going to say because neither one of them had wanted the kittens to begin with. so i didn't even listen to her i just said "do whatever you're going to do." and handed him back the phone.

then he hung up on her, cause he thought she had hung up :'D that was funny.

eh, so then i went to my room and fell asleep.

so my mom comes home later that day and acts like nothing happened and she wakes me up and asks why i'm not ready to go, we're supposed to go out to snow mt. and set off fireworks with the kids. so i told her i wasn't going and she started whining, which i didn't want to hear, so i told her "fine." and i got ready to go. so the whole way there (it's like a 20-30 minute trip) she keeps asking me why i'm upset. (wtf?? XD)

we get to snow mt. and everyone is going out to the pow wow grounds to do fireworks cause there's too much dry brush near the houses and she asks me if im going, so i tell her "no." XD she starts in about how she "really wanted me to go." so i said "fine." so we had to wait for kevin or something cause he wanted to talk to the cop on duty, so we're in the car and she goes. "i know you hate me, but we can't take care of 4 sick cats." so i didn't answer her and she left.

so the fire works were nice. my mom kept trying to talk to me about normal things, but i just ignored her or nodded. then she said something smart ass about how all she wanted to do was "have a good time today." so i told her, "i didn't want to come out at all today." so after that she went back to acting like nothing had happened and saying stupid little normal things to me.

on the ride home she asked if i wanted to go see a late showing of terminator3 and i told her "it doesn't matter, i don't care". so then she said that it did matter, and tried to be all sympathetic towards me, but i stopped her and said "i just don't feel well anymore." XD then i think i cried a little, but i doubt she noticed.

:o it was like admitting outloud that i felt bad made it more true. i hate stupid emotions.

XD eh, so today i guess she thought i'd be "over it" or something cause she had brought home my favorite food and asked me if i wanted to come eat with them, and i told her i wasn't hungry, then she asked if i was still mad at her and i told her yes. so she left. then i got up to go use the bathroom and i could hear her telling my brother that i "was still being an asshole."
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