☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

This is the kind of stuff I dream about.

I had to pay “taxes” for using magic (I think this is what was happening; I was actually pretty lost.) And I was kind of in trouble because I hadn’t ever filed before, but the “Underworld IRS” was in trouble too, because they had let me fall through the cracks.

I was told to wait in the wrong line, but it turned out that this girl I used to work with was doing “community service” and she took me around trying to help.

No one could categorize what type of magic I did because it wasn’t fully evil or good (they were all very modern and on computers, but were mostly just inputing data no one seemed to actually know how to use the computers).

I finally ended up in the cublicle of an old hag that had died because no one filed with her anymore. I filed under some kind of vague old world magic (like fairytale stuff), that no one used anymore.

My friend had to dust off an old dragon/devil skull that had been fashioned into some kind of adding machine (with emeralds and rubys and a femur to total out) to finish my return.
Tags: dreams, life
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