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i won't always have a cross to wear, but the bolt will remind me that i was there.

:O heeby-heeby-heeby

XD i was supposed to go to bed like 2 hours ago, but i've been up drawing.

i did this today:

today was kind bleh. i had to make 10 copies of the employee handbook, which took forever cause i had to take out some pages and add new revised ones back in.

but i think i got my art page kinda fixed XD so yay me.

tinna asked me to make letter head for a day spa, but all i could make up was this:

XD it reminds me of strings of fate stuff :d

i think thats all for tonight, i have to get to bed now, so i can take the kittens to the vet tomorrow :o

XD lots of drawing to do tomrorrow ..
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