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my soul is held up in glory

XD that subject is from some buffy icon i just saw. i'm really tired, but i don't feel like sleeping just cause my body wants to.

i started reading the tales of the slayer vol. 1 and it's just kind of .. really depressing. :'D and i'm only through the first 2.34 stories. the first two stories end with the slayers dying. and um i think i really should have known that's how any story of the slayer will end (aside from buffy, but who knows if her story is really over, cookie dough and all.) but jebus, de-press-ing. and i don't get depressed very easily. :o i thought they were graphic novels too, so having to actually read something when i thought i'd be looking at something is kinda jarring.

speaking of reading, i've been reading none-stop for like a week. i read HP5, started gold and bones by anne rice, tales of the slayer vol. 1 and i have my two ursula leguin books too. not to mention the internet, which is an everyday thing :o

bleh, i think i had a bad rootbeer float. my stomache feels all bleh

:D !! DS finished my new domain layout. it's so awesome.

XD the little black cat is actually climbing up our curtains. outside the cartoons i've never seen that before :'D

anyway, layout = awesome :D me = kinda slow :'D

X3 i've been slowly uploading everything back into bishoujo.net but things are going very slow, cause i've kind of gone stupid to html. the simplest things are taking me forever. :'D i spent like 3 hours today trying to figure out why a background wasn't showing up on the art page when i had the url of the image set wrong. and i had checked the url like 50 times, no exaggeration.

my knees are all scratched and bloody from the kittens jumping onto me while i updated webpage stuff. i'm pretty sure my back is kind of the same.

i wanna play a new RE game :'d
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