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:o oh what you don't know ..

XD oke, so to start off..

shonda was fired. like two days ago :'D i am happy and not happy at the same time. but i think it was a good move on the part of the chief.

so to sum it all up quick like: shonda was messing with cloryssa per usual, and cloryssa got fed up and went to shonda's immediate supervisor and told him everything :'D so he told cloryssa to put it all on paper and bring it back to him and he would talk to the chief. she did.

XD the next day, shonda was gone.

cloryssa gave me a copy of her 'memo' and let me tell you, if i had been the chief i would have fired shonda after reading the first 2 pages (out of like 6).

yes, so mostly this means more work for me.

:'d i asked the chief what was going on with the position and he said he might abolish it. i hope he doesn't and um .. gives it to me X'D i have the senority, but the chief always seems to pick people who are older. i think he thinks is you are old then you automaticly know more.

yes so anyway, DS is making me a cool ass new layout for bishoujo.net and she showed me some stuff tonight and it looks pretty awesome.

not what i was thinking, but i never decribed what i was thinking in great detail. i just kinda threw out a bunch of buzz-y type words like: halo, angel, ghost, spirit, swirly, heaven, light, death, life, ect and told her to make it blue and yellowish (like antiqued paper yellow)

i drew this in pchat with shufu tonight after DS showed me her stuff. it's more what i was thinking, only sketchy (still not that much detail in the description)

i couldn't remember what the scythe looked like and none of my picures had it in them so i went to go find a copy of fray, and ended up unplugging my computer while i was saving a screencap of this XD i was so pissed i thought i had lost it. but thank god-jesus :o it saved.

XD i also messed with my camera's webcam features tonight and did a conferance video call with shufu (who needs to get a webcam thing now :o fo'realZ!!) um i think thats all, time for bed.

:'d my stupid shirts came in today, so tomorrow i have to wear one. i dunno if i'll wear my jeans (pants haven't come in for anyone) or if i should wear these kahki carpenter pants i got, but haven't worn yet.

XD speaking of .. simon called me tonight and kept telling me i was fat. so i told him he was a dirty whore with syphilis. :'D

:o he also told me something gross about finding a dried up condom behind his bed (which i mention now cause he kept calling me fat :'D)

:l he also kept trying to tell me that i owned a shirt (like 5 years ago) that had a bat on it :'D wth?!

oh wait i drew more things!

mexican pizza for shufu

and catshoes (also for shufu :'D)

i <3 pchat :'d
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