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got a sick cat and a zit on my nose :'D

XD whats this? harry potter in spanish?! i think he just called my mom a cheesy dog :o

:'D i don't wanna get ready for work, but i really should. i think i'm going to curl my hair all cool like. so i need atleast 30 minutes additional time XD

i don't think my email is working, even though it says it is.

i've been talking to chaotic bean more. i keep confusing her for noami in my head.

XD my mom keep turning the channel to SAP channels, we just watch some more HP in spanish and some loyd in space in spanish. i swear they're swearing at each other.

i'm going to try to instal paint shop pro 7 down at work, so that i can some icons and try to finish up my art section on bishoujo.net. i spent a good part of last night sorting through almost ever folder i have on this computer looking for pictures i had drawn. XD i really don't have any good way of filing them, so they were just saved where ever the default folder happened to be at the time. then there was uploading them all :'D that was fun.

tinna asked me to be a part of a tshirt, sticker, button company she wants to start. so i'm really excited about that and want to revamp my art section. since right now it's mostly just crap paint chat pictures i had laying around at the time, and they're all like bad skethy wanna be porn :'D

:o cloryssa just called and asked me to come in early, so maybe i won't have time to curl my hair .. damn it
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