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you're bad people

10 minutes to go, then home/bed/sleep :D

hm .. my comics *fav* folder is all outta order at work ..
*note to self, dont read online comics while trying to write here*

yes, so what did yume do today you may be asking yourself? (i bet you're not!) hm .. lets see, i got up 30 minutes late, and was exactly 30 minutes late to work (yay) but david had clocked me in, so that doesn't really matter i suppose.
then i sat in the OC chat for an hour or so, worked on the style for this thing off and on (again), then moved over to pchat. something's wrong with the adult pchat, so everyone had to go to the general one, we drew pg-13 pics there till some whiney ho came in and started complaining about a pic silv had done of bono and (i forget the other guys name) kissing. so genx cleared the board.

talked to tinna some, one of our longer (more recent) IM sessions, but she seemed distracted, so that quickly died. she hadn't slept well. talked to kat some, but she hadn't slept well either, so that didn't go anywhere either.

oh yea, tro IMed me and asked me to tell her a story (to make up for the one she told me the day before.) so i told her the basic outline of my soojin saga story im working on, only i changed all the characters to people we both knew, the main character i made into kawa. then when i was pretty much done, it turned out that it had been kawa on tro's name all along. (kawa is such a ho :D)

yes, so im off now, so im outtie, i might edit this later if i still remember everything.
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