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waiting for the sky to fall

i found a cool new buffy mood set.. it only took like 3+ hours of looking through crap :'D

but i did find some cool buffy pictures. i don't really know where they come from cause they weren't really credited, so if anyone knows lemme know :D

i think i like the willow tara one the best.

so today, i sammy wakes me up about 15 minutes before my alarm goes off and says that shonda wants me to come in early, so she can leave. because she has food poisoning.. :'D this is prolly the best way to start the day.

so i get ready, and i don't rush or anything, but i still end up like 10 minutes early and right away she starts giving me all this work to do X'D

and she's going on about how i should do everything, just like her, and crap and how i have to get started on all this stuff right away cause it all hs to be done today. so she leaves, and i sit there for about 4 hours and don't do anything. mostly cause a lot of the stuff that needed to be done needed the chief to be there, and he was out in some cpr training thing, and mostly cause i didn't feel like doing shonda's work.

so the chief finally shows up and i get all the work done in about 3-7 minutes. the only thing that took me some time to do was print up a fax cover sheet for something the chief asked me to do :'D

so i tried to finish my spike lines in the coloringbook, but couldnt figure out how i wanted the lines in his sweater to go, so i gave up. i told clarion i'd finish it by thursday, so i have like 2 days still :'d

mostly i poked around on livejournal and looked at different websites, or chatted on OC. it was a pretty slow day i suppose.

XD oke, so then cloryssa comes in and she starts telling me that on my day off shonda called steve over to install adobe. and he got really pissed off and said something like this: "oh, i see you got that software installed on here again. well when this computer is broken, you guys will just have to live with it." XD what? so then he said "shonda abode is already installed on this computer" and left. :'D cloryssa said she thought it was cause there was an icon for winmx on the desktop, but .. he saw that same icon there when he was helping me install ragnarok, didn't he? :'D

:'d i dunno, if anyone says anything, i'll take winmx off, i rarely use it and anything i really want to download i can download at home and bring to work on disk.

so then cloryssa was telling me that she got into it with rashonda again, and this time she went to belcher and told him that she needed to speak to someone about shonda. so she told him all of the little things that shonda has been doing and how shonda threatened cloryssa once, and i think he got kinda pissed off that no one had said anything sooner. so he asked cloryssa to type up memo-thing documenting all the things shonda has said or done. XD so cloryssa told daniel and he's typing one up too. then she showed me hers and said i should type one up too.

:'d and i think i will.

:o the whole thing where rashonda threatened cloryssa looks really bad, it's the only part of her 5 page complaint that i really got to read before i went home. XD i had kinda heard about this incident before, but only vaguely cause it had happened when i was in chicago, but seeing it on paper, it's like "what the fuck was shonda thinking?"

just my opinion, but if i was the chief i' let shonda go after reading just that part, let alone the other 4 pages. XD and to make it worse, an officer and another tribal employee witnessed all of it, and she names them, so i'm wondering if they might get in trouble for not mentioning anything sooner?? :'D

eh, so all of that is going down tomorrow. i want to write something up, but i don't remember any times or dates. snd most of my complaints are about how retarded shonda is about making schedules.

the only thing i can really do is support daniel and cloryssa, cause shonda has said and done somethings in front of me that a supervisor shouldn't be saying or doing about/against someone who works under them. (fyi - i let daniel and cloryssa know what shonda was up to, so it's not like i was keeping secrets)

so i spent the night in pchat with shufu, only drew like one thing really, she drew a bunch.

something i've drawn before, but i like the pose.

:0 my white kitten has a cold or something, she's really hot and congested. i have to find time to take her to the vet, but my schedule is weird until next week ..
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