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what you never know, won't hurt you

:'D shufu sent me this picture:

shufu: XD i want an outfit like that if i go ho
yume: :o does it come with that pixelated manjunk?
yume: if it does i want one too
shufu: it better
yume: i want a huge ass bell
yume: i'd wear it all the time
shufu: you know what
shufu: i didn't notice the penis in the picture until you pointed it out
yume: XD
shufu: XD hahaha i am not very observant
shufu: those pixeled penises really do disguise themselves well
yume: XD LOL there's like cum all over his face too
yume: XD
shufu: XD
shufu: i thought maybe it was milk
yume: LOL
shufu: <<---innocent
shufu: :'d is it such a crime to be so stupid??
shufu: XD haha
shufu: that is a huge penis in her face
yume: :'D my face hurts from laughing
shufu: lol
shufu: how didn't i see that??
shufu: XD
shufu: its like the size of her brain
yume: LOL
shufu: :'d what will think of next
shufu: XD i really did think it was milk
shufu: i need to be kicked in the ass
yume: :')
shufu: lets see if i have any secret porno in my picture file
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