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is there anything on this menu that's not swimming in gravy?

XD jesus why?!

oke, so about a week+ ago i got this semi-big package in the mail from cox.net (my ISP) and it was filled with books and pamphlets and crap telling me that i had to log into cox.net and set up a new email and all this other crap.

so i did.

i signed up with the username yume@cox.net. the cox website accepted it, told me that yume@cox.net was my primary account and that it could not be deleted for any reason (i mention this for irony :'D).

so the email yume@cox.net works and junk and i use it to send a test email and crap once i have it set up on outlook express. so right away i'm getting SPAM and junk email on yume@cox.net which made me think that maybe cox.net sold thier email lists or something.

then ..

i get an email from amazon.com telling me that someone had recently transfered the email associated with amazon yume@cox.net over to ktaylor1@cox.net

wtf? :'D who the hell is ktaylor1 and why are they telling amazon.com that they're the owner of yume@cox.net??! XD

so um, i got distracted by something and emailed amazon asking what was up, and then forgot about it.

yes, so then, i try to check my email and the account yume@cox.net won't log in, the password keeps getting rejected (i had it saved on outlook) so i go to the support page for cox and i try to log in there and the password gets rejected again. so i call the 1800 number on the page and talk to this guy (i forgot to ask his name XD) and he tells me that the account yume@cox.net does not exist. has never existed. ever.

:'D what ..?

so i tell him, "um, i used that email. i got and sent emails on that email." he keeps insisting that it does not exist, and gets kinda pissy with me when i keep not believing him. XD so he resets the password for my caffeineangel@cox.net email (the password wouldn't work for that one either) and i hung up when it worked.

so then i tried to log onto the support page with my brothers email and it wouldn't accept the password either. XD so i called the 1800 number again and this time i get to talk to Candi.

Candi - Badge # 254219 <- i did not forget to ask this time :'D

so candi resets the password on my brothers account and it works, so then i tell her about how i had called before (doesn't anyone else find it odd that out of three email accounts, one disappears and the other two get new passwords? all without the users consent) and so she checks into the yume@cox.net thing and comes back and tells me that the account does exist! :o i knew it. only it belongs to someone else, and they have had this account "for a very long time" XD why did she have to say it all weird like that? what is cox.net trying to hide?

:'D so then i asked her if there was any type of security risk here. since that account was my primary account, and now it is not and now it belongs to someone else, someone who is suddenly transfering account information at amazon.com from my email to thier email...

she tells me i should contact Microsoft since they make outlook express and it has to be outlook expresses fault. XD then i think she told me to contact amazon.com and AOL (aol?!?! who even mentioned aol in the first place? how does she even know if i have an aol account?! :o)

XD she tried to tell me that it was some kind of outlook error where i logged onto outlook using the wrong name (the yume@cox.net name) and that the reason i could send and recieve email on the yume@cox.net account was because somehow me and the ktaylor1 person just happened to have the same exact passwords.

:'D yea .. that's exactly what happened ..

so i documented everything and sent emails to all the support emails connected to COX

:'D damn them all for being bastards

X'3 what i think happened is, some fucktard messed up and released the yume@cox.net name when they weren't supposed to and i got it when i signed up, then someone realised what a completed jackass they were and tried to fix the mistake without telling me or the ktaylor1 person ..

or that ktaylor1 person is some kinda hacker (or works for cox) and is trying to steal peoples creditcard information by signing up for accounts on amazon.com or something :'d who knows ..
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