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sex bomb :o oh yea~

i'm mostly just posting so that someone can see this music current :'D

i've never heard it before, but it's pretty and from inuyasha i guess. i downloaded a lot of inuyasha mp3s when i couldn't find the name of that other inuyashu song i like (i still can't think of the name XD)

i'm drinking amaretto and cream soda (no dr pepper) and the alcohol keeps seperating from the soda, so then i have to twirl the cup. you can see the alcohol like oil on water inside the soda. it makes a pretty whirlpool, then the soda starts to fizz up and there are all these tiny bubbles caught within. it's really cool.

my mom keeps telling me that i have to call the cops or the pound and turn the kittens over, but i don't want to. so i tell her no. then she says "i am not keeping another cat." but XD she doesn't call them either.

:'D those fuckers at the pound/animal shelters, just kill animals that come in anyway. this guy that works there told us that once, when we were bringing in strays like every weekend. he said it didn't matter if they were healthy or if they were adoptable, if the cages were full, the extra got killed. and the cages are always full :'D

so i'm not going to be the one that calls anyone.

i really only want to keep the white one and the black one. maybe someone will want to take the two grey ones ..
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