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it's funny how you still support me after all the things that i've done

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:o so today was the first day of my 5 days off. i slept until about 7pm i think :'d, so then i could hear people talking and um being alive in the living room (my room shares a wall with the living room - the wall the stupid giant tv is against XD) so i got up and my stupid humidyfier wasn't working.

i had put it on the floor when i was moving my room around and some of the water (stored in the bottom) spilled out, and when i set it back up it wouldn't humidify .. so i like took it apart and looked at the inside things (it comes apart so you can fill it up) and there's this little element thing that has to be submerged in water for the damn thing to make moist air (other wise it just blows out air) so i filled the bitch up with water (not in the normal part you add water) and it worked for like 3 hours, so i figured i had fixed it, cause the bottom part i 'refilled' doesn't hold that much water and the tank kept adding water to that area .. i forget why i'm explaining this ..

anyway, so it totally had stopped making moist air sometime during the day while i slept. so i woke up near death and that wasn't really fun. :')

so my mom had told nicole that we would watch the kids (minus the baby) since nicole had had her wisdom teeth pulled out, um, so we had the kids.

XD then!! i got a call from gamestop, they said this space channel 5 game i had reserved had come in, so i was like "i have to go to the mall" but my mom was being a whore and she didn't want to go. so we went to get food things instead.

:'D we went to jack in the box and those whores tried to like steal my salad, so i went back through the drive through and the guy that had brought our food out saw us and was like motioning for me to drive around a bunch of cars and pull forward again. so i was going to give him the finger, cause the make you pull forward then you have to wait like 10 minutes, no matter what size your order. then when he brought the fod out, he like dropped it in the car and left. it was really rude. but my mom would'nt let me flip him off :'D damn her. so we went back to the window and i told them they were horrible mexican thieves, and the girl nodded and smiled and brought me my salad :D i like that girl, she's got spunk.

hm, so we ate and crap, and then i asked if mariah wanted to go to the mall with me. so we went. :o there are these rabbits in the mall that when we first saw them they were like tiny baby bunnies, but now they are full grown adult rabbit bastards. it's cool.
yes, so i went and got my game, then remembered that they had called before about the resident evil dead aim game, so i asked if it was in and it was, only it was reserved under my brothers name XD so the guy didn't want to give it to me at first, but i told him that the store had called and asked for me, said my name. so then he checked the telephone numbers and since they were the same, he gave it to me. then he got like all bleh when i bought a knockoff light gun :'D but it was the only one in the store, so what was i supposed to do?!
so then he like kept messing up filling out the paperwork crap, so he was nice again :'D

:O so then i came home and me and mariah played RE: Dead Aim. it was awesome. i finished it in 3 hours and got a rank of B on the normal mode. :')

XD i prolly could have gotten a higher rank, but i forgot about how using saves and herbal sprays knocked your score down. (last two RE games i played, RE0 & RE: Gaiden, didn't use that system) and i saved like a mo'fo' :'D

my mom had made this pork and jalepeno stuff (she's going back to her roots or something with old age, next she will be making home made tortilla's and refried beans) so we ate spicy pork meats and quesadilla's at like 1am, it was cool.
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