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why can't i breathe?

:') the internet/network has been broken/off for the last three hours..

XD i really don't know what to do with myself at work with out the internet.

i tried to draw, i tried to write, i tried to sit here quietly and watch an infomercial on window treatments, nothing could replace the internet :'d damn my addictions.

*le sigh* so yesterday before i left work, i asked daniel what time i had to come in today, and he told me 12am. so i went home stayed up till about 12pm and then slept until 730pm figuring that i would get ready around 9pm or 10. :'D i got a call from romi at 817pm asking me why i wasn't at work.

X'3 so i got into work around 9pm with a super cool pony tail.

hm .. oh! then i figured out that if i wanted to install some of my programs without having an admin. password all i had to do was install them in a folder other then program files, so i got my FTP, winamp winmx & ragnarok all reinstalled .. only now ragnarok doesn't work

XD so i read some ragnarok forums and found out it's prolly some windowsXP netowrk thing. so i dunno how i'm going to get around that, since to even look at the network setting i have to have an admin password..

my mom said i should just buy a small laptop and bring it to work, which sounded like a really good idea until i realised that to use half of my programs i would need an internet connection and that would mean like illegally breaking into my work's internet network thing :'d so i guess i saved myself $1500.

right now all i really want them to approve is my tablet drivers. on the last computer i didn't need an admin password to install them so i didn't have to ask anyone. but on this new computer you need that stupid admin password for just about everything.

yes, so i went to shonda and asked her if i wrote up a memo listing everything blah blah lah, she said no. so this was before we had the new computer. the new computer comes in and the chief has the MIS guy install it without giving anyone a chance to get any files or documents off of the old one.

so i lost about 5 years of information. any online transactions i had made, any online reciepts, and information on my email accounts, webpage accounts. personal emails i had saved. business emails i had saved. all my favorites links and um like a butt load of mp3s XD a ton of short stories i had written, a lot of art (i think i had most the art backed up at home or online thankfully) ect .. whatever else crap you collect when you go online.

so i went to talk to the chief. i asked him the same thing i had asked shonda, about the memo and whatnot. he didn't say no, but he gave me this bullshit talk about how "this is a bussiness" and how we're not paid to get on the computer.

wtf? :'D

so i came back at him with "well if i am not allowed to use the internet or computer for anything but business then why is rashonda allowed to come in here everyday and get on the computer and do all her sorority stuff before she does the job she's paid for?" the chief didn't say anything for a few moments after that, then stammered and said something about how there "can't be a double standard" which just sounded lame and was totaly just to cover his ass.

so this is what i think the chief is trying to tell me:

if you are a (dirty whore) sorority girl, it is oke for you not to do your job and continuely just 'fuck off' online doing your sorority thing instead of your job.

if you are not in a sorority and trying to do anything to better yourself that is not directly related to law enforcment or sororities then you're supposed to come into work, do your job, your superior's job and not get on the computer at all. all of course at a lower pay rate and with longer hours then your stupid superior.

:'D i really think i should leave this place.

i forgot why .. oh wait.

oke so i called my brother around 4am this morning to see if he would bring me something to eat, and my mom was up and he started telling her about how i was late and crap, so there's like me on the phone for 15 minutes while he tries to explain to her why i was late (sometimes i really want to stab them both in the leg).

so my mom calls me from work to talk about how i shouldn't hate my job. XD i had completly forgotten about all of that cause i had just downloaded this awesome liz phair song. but here she is reminding me. so after that i was in a really bad mood for a couple of hours. so i listened to that liz phair song for like 5 hours :'D
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