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yea yea

5 things you are wearing
1. shiney pink/beige eyeshadow-y stuff
2. blue volcom shirt i thought i lost
3. nifty blue underpants
4. my contacts?
5. the shoes i bought in chicago

5 things you can see
1. some kind of red/pink jelly on the desk ..
2. my reflection through a dark glass
3. the criminal offense handbook someone left laying out
4. an unused wetnap
5. XD a messege from "simmon"

5 things you are doing right now
1. chatting in OC chat
2. trying to buy a laptop
3. wondering what i'm doing with my life
4. growing old
5. wishing i had another soda

5 things you ate in the last 24 hours
1. hot pork rinds
2. french vanilla oatmeal and hello kitty toast
3. pieces of pork with mushrooms green onions and light gravy
4. deviled ham sandwhich
5. 3 sprite remixes, 2 diet cokes with lemon & three times as much water

5 things you did so far today
1. i rearranged my bedroom and have like enough space for a whole 'nother person
2. made myself a real breakfast
3. i (almost) left my job again today, but then decided too stay
4. cried a little (maybe.. - during said job thing) cause i realised i'm wasting my life
5. read the coolest letter from remy on kogepan stationary

5 things you can hear right now
1. the "whir" of the radio recorders fan
2. my typing
3. the webpage "click" from the OC chat refreshing user list
4. something whistleing in the back room (i am alone)
5. the AC humming as it starts up again

5 colors you can see
1. blue
2. white
3. black
4. green
5. red

5 thoughts in your head
1. why am i still here?
2. i smell good.
3. i want to draw
4. i wish i could listen to some music..
5. i hurt all over :'D

5 people who need a kick in the head
1. rashonda
2. the chief
3. my brother
4. simon (just cause)
5. :o simon again

1. What do you like most about your body? it looks nice and is stronger then people think
2. And least? scars
3. How many fillings do you have? one, but you can't see it
4. Do you think you're good looking? i do alright
5. Do other people often tell you that you're good looking? yea
6. Do you look like any celebrities? um .. i don't think so

1. Do you wear a watch? no, they always shut off
2. How many coats and jackets do you own? like a billion and i live in the desert :'3
3. Favorite pants/skirt color? eh, blue jeans, the kind with neat faded areas
4. Most expensive item of clothing? hm ..i dunno, i don't really bother with looking at prices
5. What kind of shoes do you wear? white & blue sneakers

1. What do they tend to be like? funny, intelligent, creative, upliftin, there, inspiring, moody, dramatic, loyal, fun.

2. Are there traits in you that are universally liked? humor and taste in various things

3. How many people do you tell everything to? a couple i guess, mostly just if someone asks

1. Favorite band/artist ever? tori amos, sarah brightman, third eye blind, madonna, tatu, buffy music :'D

2. Most listened to bands/artists(lately)? see above

3. Can you play an instrument? i can sing

4. Type of music never listened to? I've heard it all. (ditto)
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