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i feel so sick right now. i hate this place so much, maybe i will burn it down when shonda leaves.

so our new shirts arrived today, and shonda comes in and she's all like "come look at our new shirts!" like i'm gonna just fucking die of excitment when i see them.

first, they ordered the wrong size. second, it's not the shirt i was shown when shonda made such a big deal about me 'approving' the shirt "cause everyone has to be happy with what we pick." so i tried on a size that would fit me, and in truth they're not bad shirts. they are tacky and of poor quality, but the color is alright (navy blue like the officers wear), but the sleeves (these are supposed to be polo shirts) are fucking huge. as in long, puffy, balloon-like sleeves. they're so long that they look like a quarter length sleeve on me.

XD so i pointed this out to shonda and she goes "oh well they fit me." what the fuck? is that what i was even talking about? just cause she has massive freakishly long arms, it's alright for the rest of us to look like little kids trying on our parents clothes?

so that was the drama about the shirts.

then we moved on to the computers. the entire office (except disptach right now) just got brand new computers. my first problem with this: dispatch is the only area that uses/needs a computer yet the MIS guy installs 4 computers in the officers various offices (two of the offices that got new computers don't even get used - at all - by anyone) before ours.

XD jesus, she's interrupted my three times while i'm trying to write this, cause she wants to leave early and instead of doing the job she's paid to do she was playing on the internet or doing some sorority crap. so now she's rushing around in the last hour and trying to do her job, by telling me to do the things she's supposed to have done already.

this is what i just did.
1. went outside and got $1 bill and about 88 cents in change from one of the officers cars.
2. tried on another shirt (which i knew wouldn't fit me, just cause she 'wanted to make sure it wouldnt fit me' before she had to fucking pick up a phone and reorder. said shirt was 2 sizes too small, it did not fit.
3. answered the phone for her when she was 3 feet away from the phone and i was in a completly different part of the offices about 20 feet away - cause she's 'too stressed' to talk to people right now..

she also asked me to finish up a bunch of crap she only just now started on.

anyway, so we get new computers and i asked her, when dispatch gets its new computer if i write up a memo with a list of programs i use frequently can i have these program installed on the new computer because no one trusts her with an admin. account on the computer network (yet she is the only supervisor).
so now i have to listen to a 30 minutes piece of crap about how on the new computers we will not be allowed to install anything. but! then she says we will be allowed to install kazaa. what? so i pay some $300-$500 for real programs like paintshop pro or trillian. and i can't have them installed, but just cause she wants it, we're allowed to install kazaa, some hacked-warez-type-thing? (eh, i don't even know what warez is .. so if i miss used it, so what).
so i explain to her, that i've spent all this money on these program that i only use at work, i should atleast be able to install the ones that the department uses, like paintshop pro. which in truth the department uses more then i do, but she says no. then tries to say it's the chiefs decision, to cover her ass.

so i told her if that's the way it is, then we should have the internet turned off too. her reply "but I need the internet for email." yes, that is true, you do need the internet to use email, but which emails are you sending? are any of them work related? or are they all personal or sorority announcments?

i send out more work related email then she has ever even looked at.

:'D oke that's enough i guess ..
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