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sing to me of the song of the stars .. it feels like my dreams are so far ..

i opened this thing to write something but got distracted by something shiny on tv (christopher masterson being that shiny thing). now i'm just sitting here looking at other peoples livejournals ( CHIZUko's LiveJournal she's clearly insane, i wanna be her mama :D ).

*o* im stuck here for another 11 and a half hours and i am so freaking bored.
and this just reminds me of other times when i was bored. i'm get bored too easily. i should do something to remedy this. *nod* i dunno what though ..

if i was at home, id prolly be on the computer or watching tv, and thats what im doing here, so ..

silv is IMing me, he thinks he's cursed cause his bedroom picture wont send right (for the um.. third time i think) i should put a curse on simon :D
prolly not worth the effort though.

[19:25:45] Antinomy: My picture is cursed.
[19:25:50] Antinomy: Did you have anything to do with that?
[19:26:08] yume: no
[19:26:12] yume: um wait ..
[19:26:21] yume: no, i havent cursed anyone in canada
[19:26:28] yume: well this week anyway
[19:26:32] Antinomy: Great.
[19:26:36] Antinomy: Can you -uncurse?
[19:26:42] Antinomy: un-curese
[19:26:43] yume: sure
[19:26:45] Antinomy: UN-CURSE!
[19:26:59] yume: there feel any different?
[19:27:15] Antinomy: Can't say I do.
[19:27:17] yume: actually i think i might sent that out to southamerica ..
[19:27:21] yume: lemme find a map
[19:27:22] Antinomy: Let me see when the picture loads.
[19:29:48] Antinomy: It worked!
[19:29:52] Antinomy: You're my hero.
[19:30:04] yume: :D
[19:30:21] yume: ::unleashes torments of evil psychic pain on new mexico::
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