☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Y U sO st00pid?

I just got a call from Gamestop about the DSi I pre-ordered. I had to call them back because I actually missed the initial call and I had questions about my order since my bank account was face-raped and the card I used to pre-order with was cancelled/replaced.

:'D I had the most intelligent conversation with someone at Gamestop. He did not know what I meant when I told him my card was stolen and the number was invalid. I had to walk him through the scenario of my card being taken and the bank cancelling the number. AND He still was confused and told me it would be easier for him if I just came into the store.


Do I suddenly work for Gamestop? Is it in my new job description to make my fellow employees life easier?



I got online and checked my order status and luckily I had chosen to pick-up in-store, so I just have to show up with some cash and my order number. I hope.
Tags: life, lulz, wtf
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