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a girl needs a gun these days

kawa is going to chicago .. i'm kinda sad. i hope she's going cause she wants to and not cause she thinks it'll make kat happy or cause it'll make tro feel secure.

i like the taste of really cold water :)

i wish i had this thing plugged into my brain, so i could just update all the time with stupid little thoughts.

i'm watching the powerpuff girls (for some reason) with headphones on and i think they're maybe .. evil.

lol the ljmatch thing said i was 102% compatible with noah and he said:

[01:55:05] yume: we're 102% compatable
[01:55:11] yume: the LJ test thing says so
[01:55:13] noah: seriously?
*stuff ommited*
[01:55:24] noah: how can you be more than 100% compatible?
[01:55:41] yume: :o secret mojo?
[01:55:45] yume: lol i dunno
[01:55:58] noah: magic
[02:17:30] noah: well that's ... hm, i dunno; kinda creepy
*stuff ommited*
[02:17:48] noah: not really what i expected; i kinda thought we differed actually in a lot of ways
*stuff ommited*

i have a bunch of these mp3s by this mortal coil and i don't really remember downloading them, but i really like the songs.
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