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second verse, same as the first

you are...
Purple Pussy!
The star of the show! You have some real issues,
but you stand for what you believe. You are
plagued by monsters of the past, but you kick
those monsters in the teeth. You are awesome.
You are hard core. You're a WOMYN.

Which Purple Pussy character are you?
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XD jebus today ..

i played this cop/shooting game .. eh, actually you play as a cop who shoots people, anyway, i played this game and it has a movement thingy like parapara and they way you move irl effects how your character in the game moves. and since you're a cop shooting bad guys you have to like duck behind things and bend down a lot.. i can't like stand up without help, my knees exist no more. :'D

so, today my cousin got word that her boyfriend/(common law) husband was re enrolled in our tribe. or really was never legally disenrolled. so we went out to eat (where ever he wanted) at jerry's :'D we're so damn glamorous. that's where the cop game is.

what else ??

:O i took my mom and brother to see the Cowboy Bebop movie! and my mom liked it :'D but jesus, the stupid map directions where so fucking retarded. i got them off map quest and they must be like years old or something back before Sahara was finished cause they told us to like get off of Sahara go on some dirt road for 4.5 miles, travel through the center of the earth, then get back on Sahara XD so we like left the house at 410 and had to be at the theatre at 430 and the stupid map/directions made us like 15 minutes late cause we got off Sahara when all we really needed to do was stay on Sahara.

um, um .. got the fourth season of buffy on dvd and watched some of my favorite episodes with the commentary on, like hush and restless and the one before restless where buffy becomes super sailor moon and does all those matrix tricks.

:o man i had some weird dreams..

in the first one i was like tricked into meeting this girl (she is like my cousin or something, i dunno if we're really related by blood .. we might be) and she kept asking me questions about the new police chief like if he "knew anything" she had a gun and was acting crazed, i thought she was going to shoot me (something she is prolly really would do if given a reason IRL, her family is majorly unstable) cause she thought that i had said something that implicated her in something (i dunno what exactly) but instead she turned the gun on herself at the last moment and killed herself. after that i ran into the smoke shop (we were parked outside the smoke shop and in the dream i think i worked there or something) and i tried to get help, but no one really cared that she was dead. i then found myself on a bus. i think it was a field trip of some kind, the guy i used to go out with was there and i was telling him about how his cousin had tricked my into meeting the girl who had killed herself and he got upset cause he said his cousin wouldn't do that, then i remembered that he had died IRL about a year ago and the dream ended.

XD the second dream was sexual. it involved my brother in law, harry, who i work with and thought i might have had had a fling with if given time. in the dream we were in my dead aunts house, only it was kind of like how it used to be before she got sick, we were fooling around making out and playing when someone came over, they didn't seem to care that we were making out in front of them, but then harry got flustered and left. after that i went to the kitchen and got a drink of water, i was really confused. it was like i was two people, the person from the dream who was in this odd relationship with harry and my real IRL self. the dream me wanted to follow harry, but the real me was remembering that after my aunt died and we had gone to her house i had went into the kitchen and gotten a drink of water. then my dream self took over (like i was playing out a part) and i went outside and caught up with harry as he was getting into his truck. i got in with him and we sat next to each other for a while not talking then i told him i didn't understand why we couldn't just be together (physically) without it meaning anything, and he said to me something like "we can be together, but you have to stop being so slutty" :o then we were 'together (physically)' XD when i woke up i could still feel him on my lips. after that i felt kind of melancholy, like i had lost something important, but then i went and played iRO for a couple of hours and forgot about it :'D

hm so, i want to draw something, but i don't know what. i wanted to draw the charlies angel's girls or maybe hugh jackman/wolverine, but i can't find a good reference picture.
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