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you may be day dreaming for a thousand years

blah blah blah, im really tired, but i don't want to sleep

we went to see wrong turn and the italian job today. both were pretty good. my mom talked me into eating at baja fresh, i freaking hate that place X'D everything tasted cold and under cooked. i got a burrito and it was like moist beef jerky (cold) with some cheese and lots (i mean lots, like this could have been a guacamole burrito with some meat thrown in) of guacamole.

iRO wouldn't connect for me today, or it wouldm then it would disconnect me right away, so i drew something on OC (since i haven't drawn anything in a long time)

i was only planning on drawing something crappy and quick (was drawing in the clubhouse), but once i got into it, i tried to put some effort into it. i love solids :3

i wish the buffy emote-icons would work again .. grr
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