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when you let your senses flow

:o jebus on a cross with cheese .. fo'shiggy

X'3 ragnarok possesses what poptart crumbs my soul has left. i paid for 3 months of play, and i've been playing non stop for like 2 days already. pluses - i actually got a nice chunk of zeny in my pocket and some nice lv-ups // negatives - eh .. eyes kinda hurt a little i guess & and i still don't possess the goddamn heavenly ring XD why?!

:'D it is the only accesory i truely wish to have in this whole game, and it is denied to me cause i am a lowly mage who lv's like never.

:o dude, i've been hitching rides on open warps and got too see some of the city/places i normally wouldn't cause i'm at such a low lv. :'3 i got stuck outside that xmas town (lutie?) and tried to kill myself by chasing those blue porings .. marins or something, but i was stronger then them and ended up just running around trying to stay out of the way of those sasquatch/bear things .. anyway, i was sitting under a tree regenerating HP and some guy came up to me and was all like "hey sweetheart, you gotta wear something warmer" and i was like "..." (i think mages are the whores of iRO .. really, everyone else gets to wear like 'clothes' the kind that covers you up, but the mage wears like a bikini top and a loinclothe :'D oh and boots :o some goddamn bitch boots that go like to your thighs) X'D so then he gave me a kick ass dagger (right before i warped to that snowy place i had been browsing merchant shops in prontera for a better weapon :'D and the dagger was still like 3000z too much for me), :o yes, so i'm like a prostitute now i think .. maybe :'D

:o um, shortly after that i got hit like a damn ho by one of those bears like he was my pimp and had to respawn back in geffen.

what else ..

XD sweet jesus, we have like 4 kittens, i think god, like looked down on our house from heaven .. did a cat-head-count, said to himself "hm .. only a ba-jillion cats .. lets send them 4 more".

then he did :o

they're really cute and i want to keep one :'x but i don't think my mom will let me. but !! XD it's not really fair, cause every year i get a black kitten for my birthday and this year i didn't, plus my cat is so full of the aids that he's like walking around on borrowed time, so while my mom and brothers cats are all healthy and fat and um alive, my cat is all full of disease and sars and will be dead soon .. i think i deserve a kitten :'D don't you?

there is a black one, she's really cute, i've never had a black girl cat :o but there is also a little white one with blue eyes who's taken to me which i really like too.

XD i don't think i will ever finish that con-report stuff, my memory really sucks ass. i finally got my stuff from chicago today. but my brothers gift wasn't in there, so i think i might hve left it in chicago :') damn it.

i think everyone is on LJ now, so i will post the link to the georgia/con/chicago trip here: http://www.bishoujo.net/acen2003/ a lot of them came out really bad, but there are like 500+ pictures, so there's still enough 'good' ones :D.

i think i should make some kinda statement about things i say about people in my LJ :'D everyone keeps like asking me stuff about the stuff i write about them in here, and i'm like "i said what?" cause i just write whatever comes to mind, and rarely think about it again, unless i go back and re-read what i wrote.

so, yes .. :o as far as things with tro are concerned: i don't think it was all her fault like i was making it seem before. i don't like to be away from home and junk like that, it puts me in a bad mood, especially if im with people i don't know very well (know IRL), plus there was a lot of other stuff going on that was just 'my issues' which i think i was projecting on to her. i'm not saying that she isn't annoying sometimes, cause um she is :'D but she's prolly not the worthless ho i made her out to be. um noah, i think i remember what you did that was like weird, cause like me and remy were like 'lets go this way' and then all of a sudden you like kinda snapped something like 'theres nothing that way, i know." back at us then kept walking, it just seemed out of character for you, it really sounded like something cat or misa would have said, the way you said it and everything. dustin :o um, you're very gay .. i think you know this though :'D so um yes, it's not a bad thing or anything, it was just unexpected. before i meet people i know online i kinda build up this little mental images of who they are and how they act, and your flambouyency was just not anything that i expected :) it was cool though, cause you obviously were having a good time being away from home. um kawa :o i don't think i really said anything about you, but you know you are a ho, i know you do. and you will forever be kaka desu!! :'D um, you're sister does have a scary red velvet pimp car though, i hope never to ride in it again :') seriously, it scared me a lot (LOL). kat :o you are a ho too, and i know i give you a hard time and crap, but i do it cause i luff j00 :o um you have control issues though, you ho, and that bugs me, but at the same time i expect it, so i don't usually mind it. misa .. i don't think i said anything about you really either. you should have come out and said something about the whole alcohol thing though. not to belittle your experience or your feelings, but it was kind of lame that we had to read about that crap in your journal when we were right next door. also, um get over your issues ho, the only ones that really drank anything were me remy noah & kawa and even then if you put all our drinks together it wouldn't have been enough to get anyone drunk. we were loud cause we were having a good time with each other. all the little 'drunk' comments were really unneccasry. X'D i could go on, but i don't want this to turn into a 'drunk-rant' but im FYI my dad is in prison right now cause of DUI's and drug possession. yes, um remy :o wassup foo' you had a cool bunny hat. i prolly should have split these up or something :'D um hika :o where were you biznatch? heh i think i saw you like 5 times, i saw vee more then i saw you. :'D you need to stop making all those acen bootycalls. i liked you cosplay stuff, you got mad skillz. eh .. who else stayed with us? .. vee, and that jack guy i guess, but i don't know them very well. i hope vee is having fun in japan & that jack's brother doesn't beat him up :'D

so, back to iRO .. gotta get that HeavenlyRing !! >:0
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