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it took awhile to get me here; and i'm going to take my time

oke, so um i should try to finish up the whole acen/chicago trip thing ..

XD but!! i don't know if i remember it all anymore!

oke, so after the blockbuster/jewel thing we went back to the house and did stuff. i can't really remember what this stuff was, but it prolly involved watching movies (from blockbuster) and eating foodstuffs (from jewel).

the next day we went downtown (i think) and um .. :O oh yes! we went to the cool ass art museum, and i got to see that george suerat painting i really like and a bunch of other art, it was all so awesome. there was this one picture of a lady in white satan, and it was like she was alive, like i could just reach out and touch her white satin dress, but then i got too close (like inches away) and the whole illusion faded and wouldn't come back. :'D

bought some cool prints and jewelry/stuff for my mom and brother in the giftshop.

XD then we walked over to the field museum and the bitch was closed! but on the way i got to see a squirrl and a bunny. in the parks! a bunny in the park .. how fucking cool is that?? :'D

:o jebus squirrls are bigger then i thought.

we had to walk under this faux bridge thing and this black guy on a bike was like singing there cause of the acoustics, but he sang scorbourough fair (sp?) all weird.

i think we went back home after that, i remember riding the train and stuff, there was a guy on there with nice legs :'D

the next day me, kat, kawa & tro all went to the feild museum and saw the egyptian exhibit and the lions from ghost and the darkness (my mom wanted pic of this last year, but we never went). then we were going to see the aquarium, but it was like 22$ per person and i was the only one that hadn't seen it, so we opted not to see it. we went to the giftshop instead. :')

after that we went back to the downtown area (kat said it was the same area that neo ran down in the first matrix) went to starbucks again, went to an old navy (i got a book bag fr 12$ that was like 25$ in vegas and a cool jean jacket) then we went to the book store and i got a bunch of neat gay books and some tarot cards with a wizard of oz theme. went to a payless and i got some cool new kicks :'D they really looked like my old ones but i liked them.

um .. then we went to the library place, it had cool gargoyles and stuff, i took a pic, but i don't think it came out. we were supposed to go to a cool used book store inside the library, but they had changed it and the bookstore was an express library now with a little area where you could 'buy' books for a fifty cent donation, but they only had like old computer books that no one will ever use again and like weird romance crap. i did get this ettiquite type book on how to be a good girl :'D what i read was nifty, its like form the 70's or something.

i think we went home after that, but i'm not for sure.

i'll prolly have to get together with kawa and see what happened after that, i think we went back to the house and watched some of the movies we had rented.

XD that ho kawa (in the blockbuster) would like point out a movie and be like "this is a good movie you should watch it" so we'd get it, but then she wouldn't want to watch any of them with us.

:O speaking of movies, during con, dustin brought the house of more cock and the rules of attraction. i really liked rules when i first saw it, but i didn't think i'd want to see it again, but it was just as good a second time. XD i had forgotten how really retarded morecock was, i tried to warn everyone (since only i and dustin had seen it before) but no one listened to me X'D

blah i really don't remember what hapenned after that ..

i remember wanting to watch kissing jessica stein, everyone was talking and stuff so i put the subtitles on, which i think pissed off cat (she had previously nearly taken my hand off when i bumped the remote) cause she didn't even bother to try to watch the movie instead she just started making all these immature comments about 'what a stupid movie it was' so i made an im sleepy excuse and left, but i really went and got on the computer. when everyone was done downstairs i think cat got mad at me again or something, cause she like sat on her bed and watched me forever then said something about how 'she couldn't sleep till she got on the computer' but i don't remember her getting online after i got off XD i didn't rush though, i even read a couple of online comics just to stay on the comp longer :'D

XDi think i should say, that i am prolly just a bitchy whore, and anything i say about anyone in this journal (negative like) is prolly really just me being bitchy and projecting my feelings onto other people (or at least i tell my self this so that i don't kill someone with thier own asses :'D)

im glad that next year we prolly wont be going back to chicago, going to chicago means depending on cat and misa for everything, and i really hate that XD

i wish everyone would come to vegas, that would be cool :)

:o everyone keeps asking me to explain some of the less positive things i've said about them in here :'D damn you all for making me try to explain myself! you know i'm not that clever. i wish i had a thing like shufu and could just call everyone chumps ..
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