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Hooray a Gay post~!

I was reading Details today when I noticed this ad.

I did a little double-take because I thought I had imagined it. I got this copy of the ad from a gay blog so the one I saw didn't have the GAYPARISLASVEGAS.COM or rainbow logo. XD I don't know why but I pay attention to all the tiny type that gets stuck into the corners of ads. Anyhoo, I thought this was really clever and cute. ;3;

And to round out the gay-ness

Very few people know that a large portion of my family is Mormon or that I was raised Mormon (I'm not Mormon myself, but I don't drink caffeineated soda lol). SOIFREAKINGLOVETHIS LOL! If I have any spending money left after the bills are paid I'm going to get one of these calenders.

Also I find it hilarious that all of these guys have MySpace accounts. That's an auto -10 Religion in my book. XD


I forgot to mention this (believe me it's totally gay). My niece (who is in love with Nancy Drew) asked us to help her learn to sew a pleated skirt. So we went out and bought a bunch of fabric and a cute little pattern and I made her a hot pink skirt. :'D BUT we accidentally grabbed the pattern sized for children not juniors so the skirt fits (she's like a size 0) but it's way to short. Hooker short.


I want to punch my mom in the face. Because she used to work in a costume shop and has been sewing since she was 15 (literaly 100 years ago) but she's making me sew everything together and I'm so fucking shaky when it comes to machine sewing. XD We all just decided to go to bed (to avoid a fight) because my mom made me sew the zipper in 3 steps before it was time to put in the zipper. So we had to take the zipper out and do the next 3 steps then put it back in and the second time it got really botched and ugly. CATFIGHT~!
Tags: being dumb, gay
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