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um .. acen update thing :'D

XD i totally got that stupid PDA thing so that i could use it to write down story ideas (maybe rough chapters..?) and to write in my LJ when i can't get to a computer, but i haven't even cracked that bitch open since like last monday when i showed it to kawa and tro..

oke so, the night before i left vegas this is what i did:

1. (start all this at 11pm) went to walmart for last minutes supplies like pens, batteries, underware, socks, lotion, contact crap
2. went to taco bell XD
3. remembered that i promised to mail shufu a copy of RO (that i hadn't even burned yet)
4. also remembered that i was supposed to deposit some 400$ in the bank for trip (which i did not bring with me on said trip to walmart)
5. had to drive all the way home to get the money to deposit.
6. burned the RO disk for shufu
7. :'D had to look up stupid mail prices for mailing a CD.
8. went to deposit money and realise i don't have my bank card with me X'D why jesus why?!
9. :'3 found bank card in the cup holder of car before i actually left bank, so i didn't have to drive all the way home. :d jesus, he loves me ..
10. mailed shufu's RO disk
11. went home to finish packing (was around 2am by now)

X'd i didn't finishe packing till about 330am. was really tired, wanted to sleep, but also wanted to take a shower; opted for shower. :O thank jesus i did!! :'D right as i get out of shower my mom comes over and is like: "are you ready to go?" XD what?!!? i thought i would get to like lay down for atleast an hour before we had to leave, but i only had like 30 minutes to get ready..

:o so i made it to the airport and checked in, all that went smooth. sat around with a couple of cute guys, mostly just zoned out :'D flew to denver, transfered planes, got to georgia and had to wait forever for my luggage too appear.

:O oh sweet jesus on the cross! everyone in GA smokes like crack addicts. people were trompling each other to get outside (it's like illegal to smoke inside or something) XD and the whole state smells like fishes (but i am like used to that now) so i wanted to sit outside and stuff, but everywhere i went there were huddled masses of scary people all smoking, like hobo's surrounding a fire in a barrel.

so then kawa and tro finally showed up in kawa's sweet red velvet pimp mobile :'D that car is the shiznit, not really, but it reminded me dolemite's pimp cane.

XD kawa is a scary driver! :O but! her mom and sister are even worse. :'D i think i really hate driving with people i don't know, or maybe it is just them.. :'d kawa's mom drives a tiny car and makes these huge ass turns, and like drives as close as she possibly can to the sidewalk or um the people on the sidewalk. i think the kids around her know her or something cause they saw her car and all jumped off the sidewalk. :o kawa's sister drives the pimp mobile (which is a large boat thing) and takes the tiniest turns it is also very scary :'D and the car was full of food container stuffs n the floor, which was also scary cause i like to see me feet when i sit and stuff.

oke, so second day .. wait .. what did we do the first day? i forget, i was really tired from the not sleeping.. oh yes, we went to see xmen2 (like the 4th time for me) and i fell asleep through most of it. i can't really remember doing anything else that day :o

so second day, we went to a mall place, and tro kept pointing stuff out to me like the pretzel stand and the sam goody's and i had to tell her they had all that stuff in vegas too :'D malls really suck. i saw the type of phone i want to upgrade to there, (like the one shufu has!) and the sprint girl was all like "i can upgrade you for 30$ plus the phone price" which was like 180$ additional, so i didn't get it. then we went to this asian beauty supply store so kawa could get a black wig for her motoko ayonomi cosplay thing. it was just like being in the asian beauty supply store in vegas XD creepy.

so um .. oh yea we also went to this dungeon&dragons nerdy place that sold like reproductions of swords and blades from TV shows. that was kinda cool. there were 3 over 30 fanboys in running the place, and i wanted to get a crystal, but they also creeped me out :'D so i decided not to bother then for a .25 cent crystal thing which was locked in a huge glass case while all the expensive knifes and swords were left out in the open.

so it was tuesday and i wanted to watch buffy. we were supposed to set it to record earlier, but forgot, so we came back to the house and i got to watch it :D yay me. i think that kinda pissed kawa off though cause she wanted to go to this place called 'the underground' which is another mall thing really.

but she had to like pick her sister up from work at 9pm so i got to stay and watch smallville too XD im such a bastard.

um, sometime we went to walmart (like twice really) and i got some junk food and a second 'smaller' suitcase to put my dirty clothes and hair/body crap in. XD thier walmart has all this mini cokes and mini waters. it's so awesome! i wanted to save my mini aquafina, but i drank it :o buu

oh yea, the first time we went to the mall, we also went to hot topic and i got like 5 volumes of nightmares and other fairytales. and some cute crap for shufu :'D
:o then we we got back to the house kawa like pulled out her comic stuffs and i got to read the end of ifeelsick and some resident evil comics i'd never seen before.

hm so oke third day, we all got up early to go to the cardiologist with kawa, her mom drove us XD i thought i would die..
first off, she tells me to put on my seatbelt (cause tro and kawa made me sit in front) and then she tells me just to drape it over me so that it looks like it's on, and i notice this is how her seatbelt is on also ..

:O oh yea, then kawa made us go to chick-fila and i was the only jerk that ordered anything (:'d it was my first chick-fila experience)

um, so yes, we finally get to the dr, and kawa's appointment was cancelled and no one called her, so we like got to leave early (this was the time i had planned to write in the PDA on my journal thing). so then we drove around the park where the olympics were held, it was pretty boring just driving around it :'D i didn't even bother to watch the olympics, driving around the park was just like um .. driving around a park.

so then we finally went to this 'under ground' place this like i said was just a big mall for tourist, so it was really crappy :'D but cool in a way, cause we got to see this psychic. tro went first and the psychic seemed to be hitting home a lot by the look on tro's face, though she never really confirmed or denied anything.
so then i went, i got the 30$ package which included everything from tarot cards, to palm reading. and this lady had a real gift, not like the first palm reader i had went to a few years back. she read my cards first and told me i would have ahard life, but a happy one. it was really my choice, and that i would succeed in an indevor i had started if i really worked on it and stopped picking stuff up then leaving other stuff unfinished, which i chide myself about all the time.
:o she said there was a female figure coming into my life who would be benificial, and for some reason i instantly thought of shufu, then later on when we had left and me and kawa were talking about it, kawa asked me if i thought the psychic was talking about shufu when she mentioned the female figure.
hm, so then she did my palm reading and touched on a lot of old personal stuff and explained a lot of future stuff that was coming soon. she said that i would have a lot of relationships of the heart, but only one true love (or marriage) and i thought of alex .. XD it would really suck if i had met and lost my true love before i was 20 ..

so then kawa got a reading and she saw a lot of interesting stuff in kawa's cards and gave kawa a free palm reading to confirm what the cards said, it was cool. then she gave tro a free palm reading too :D we started talking to her about tarot and tro wanted to know where she got her cards from and stuff and she told us about how her father used to own a plantation and how he let a group of gypsys stay on a part of the land during certain parts of the year and how her family became close with them. she said that was how she had learned tarot and then told us of a couple of shops that sold begginer decks. then me and her got to talking about the rider deck and how odd it was to become familiarized with.

so then we like went to play DDR (this is when i drank my little aqufina X"D) then got fod things in the food court. the rest of the underground was pretty much closed or gay, so we decided to go find the stores the psychic had told us about. so we went back to see her. (passed by this magic shop with a cute in it like 5 times for some reason XD) so then we got to talking to her again, and she gave use better directions and stuff. so we went and caught a buss out to this place called little five points which really turned out to be the best decision we had made.

this place was a long winding street just packed with little alternative stores and boutiques. it was really awesome. we were looking for this place called crystal blue, but ended up going into almost all the stores. i got a nifty bell bracelet thing at this one place and the guy there was nice, he gave us free origami cranes and incense. picked up some other little stuff. finally found the crystal blue place and got to talking to the lady there. no one bought any tarot cards, but i did pick up some moonstones and a clear quarzt pendulm. (lemme just say wow, the pendulm has been right on for ever question we've asked it so far. tro keeps touching it while its divining, she keeps thinking its a toy or play thing and i keep trying to tell her it's not, but tro will be tro.)

hm so then we came back to the house and got ready to go see the matrix (yes XD one day early!) it was awesome :o

so um about the time i started typing this kawa and tro were still packing (we kept telling tro to pack .. like from two days ago and she kept putting it off, i told her she was going to end up in chicago in just a pair of panties all dirty and crying, but she didn't believe me, and now it's like 4am and she's all stressing out cause the washer messed up and her clothes are taking forever. XD but none of this is her fault for not paking earlier, no of course not.. heh)
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