☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Seven Days, Seven Days Till They found Him All Alone

Lady Friday

Everyone should read The Keys to the Kingdom series. I'm rereading the entire series in anticipation of the second to last book, Superior Saturday. I'm imagining the Morrow Days as various Doctor Who characters this time around for the hell of it (and uh, Gilmore Gilrs I guess? XD).

Arthur - Milo Ventimiglia
Suzy - Zooey Deschanel
Leaf - Alexis Bledel
Dame Primus - Lucy Lawless (think when she was blonde like in Battlestar Galactica)
Monday - David Tennant
Tuesday - Christopher Eccleston
Wednesday - Catherine Tate
Thursday - ?
Friday - Billie Piper
Dawns/Noons/Dusks - Various actors from Torchwood

XD I can not remember who I used for Thursday, but I think it was like the Hunter from Jumani only dressed as a soldier instead of a hunter. :"DDD And I'm guessing that I'll use Freema Agyeman as Saturday, but I dunno yet.
Tags: artjunks, books
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