☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Long Tail Sharp Legs

Happy Birthday yume~! ;3;

We moved into the new house about 2 weeks ago. Two days before we had power or water. :'D But everything is finally coming together. They installed cable/internet today and on Monday our furniture is being delivered and once that's done, I think we're officially moved in.

Speaking of cable. The tech that came out didn't want to crawl under our house to install the wiring so I told him I would do it, which I guess affronted his manhood because he eventually got under the house with me. XD Anyway, I went down without any knee/elbow guards and now all my bend-y parts are sore. LOL

But, I got to see Sponge Bob after 1 month without Nickelodeon. XDDDD So HUZZAH

Uh what else... I applied and interviewed for a Limo Dispatch job at the Wynn and it went very well, but I just get a crappy feeling in my meaty-guts when I think about it, So I don't think I got it or if I do get it, maybe I shouldn't accept it. I dunno. It sounds like a fairly easy job and I would be working with one of my best friends and Brenna's Hot-y-Mc-Hot-y Brother (aka myfuturehusband LOL) but I dunno, weirdness abounds.

Oh, I want to get a ferret! I think I mentioned this before. But after some reading of forums and such I'm having second thoughts. Unless I can keep them outside in like one of those bunny-hutches or whatever they call them. Then I think I could deal with all the fuss and hassle of caring for them. XD I don't want to introduce destructive rats into a new house, but I want to have them near by to cuddle and stuff.

Oh yes, I think our new house caught the old house's Crazy. Some crazy crap has been happening and we've only been here like uh 13 days. XD My mom heard a loud howl (only in her room because neither I or my brother heard it) and saw the shadow of what looked like a wolf walking upright cross her wall. I keep seeing white things in the corner of my eyes. XD I'm used to seeing Black Things from the corner of my eyes, but white? What is that? Also I left my bedroom door open the night that my mom heard the Howling and I thought I saw someone standing in the door, but I told myself I was imagining it because the face had an elongated snout. XD I saw this before my mom told us about the shadow. Also our cat that got burned up is totally freaking out running back and forth from one end of the house to the other.

Then again, it's not really anything horrible, so it's ignorable for now.

That's all for now. :')
Tags: being dumb, ghosts, happy birthday, house
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