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Food and Water and Shelter


Nevada Power is a DILDO. :l For serious.

Ok, about two weeks ago we went to Nevada Power and asked them to set a date to turn our power back on. We were rudely informed that this could not be done because we didn't have an inspection sticker from the city of Las Vegas approving Nevada Power to turn the power back on. When we tried to ask how we got this sticker we were pretty much ignored and told once again that nothing could be done without this sticker, then dismissed completely.

So, we went to the electrician installing our new meter and asked him if he knew what or where to get this sticker. He informed us that someone from the city would be out the next day to inspect the new meter and they would either give us the sticker or put it on the meter. We waited about 7 hours the next day for the inspector to arrive and as soon as he had applied the inspection sticker went back to Nevada Power.

There we were informed that we didn't need the sticker or any of the paper work that the previous girl had mentioned and that you could in fact set a date for a technician to come out, because "if the meter doesn't work or the sticker is missing then we'll just send the tech. back out when everything in order" we were informed.

A technician was supposed to come out on Wed. 3/26 to turn our power on, but no one came out.

So I called them on Thurs. and they said that they would send someone out that day. No one came out.

So I called them again on Fri. and they told me that someone had been out that morning (they assumed that they came out that morning, because whoever came out wasn't doing their job and didn't completely fill out the forms explaining when they came out and what exactly was done.) and that "the socket was cold" and that that would require a second team to come out.

And that can not even be scheduled until next Monday because whoever had come out this morning hadn't put in a request for the second team and it was too late in the day by the time I called.


I told my mom that I wanted to move into the new house as soon as the water was on. They finished it today, but she says I can't because there's no power. I told her I can handle cold showers, but she's being obstanent. :l

So we're going to stay here until Sun. afternoon and move back to the Best Western near our house were we were originally staying for the last couple of days.

Tags: fire, gay, house, life, rant
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