☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

yume lately


I just got back from a 2/3 day camping trip up at Mt. Charleston and I am so freaking sunburned. :'D

AND IT WAS FREEZING, well at night it was freezing, during the day it was pretty comfy. BUT OMFG :O sunbuuuuuuurn

And, that is all.

FUCK, I forgot all about this. :D Our new house arrived! (like 2 days ago actually) It's being put together and should be finished in like 2 weeks. I guess? XD either way, OMGZ new un-burned house ;3; Those are my favourite types of houses.

For those of you keeping track, I am STILL SUNBURNED beyond belief! :DDDD

Now, That Is All.

PS - I liked my Subject so much, I went to Gmail and LJ and created yumelately accounts at both. LOL I have like 15+ gmail addresses that I made up just because they sound cool.

PPS - I really want a ferret. D: But unless there is a real life ferret in the room when you say that you want a ferret, everyone hates ferrets. :( Why all the ferret hate yo?

If you've ever saved any of my artwork or photo manips please email a copy to yumetheseraphim@gmail.com
I also would appreciate MP3s ;3; <3 Thanks~ [link]
Tags: being dumb, fire, house, life
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