☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Getting Back To Normal ... Kind of

So ...

We should be back in an actual home in about 1-2 months. May I guess. Thank God.

We're staying at an Extended Stay America Hotel right now. It's nice, but we're paying about 3500$ a month and I think that is way too much for a 1 bedroom hotel. But I've been fighting with my mom almost none stop for the last couple of weeks and the last time I voiced my opinion on where we were staying I got left on the side of the free way and was pretty much homeless for about 3 days. LOL

But enough of that I guess. Things are moving along very nicely I suppose. We've been approved for a huge loan for the house and it's pretty much being built right now. We're just waiting on the guy that's going to pour the foundation because the bank wouldn't give us money for that (because they can't take possession of federal land XD) so it's coming out of our pockets.

Uh, we've already been furniture shopping and the place we went to was pretty damn great, they're giving us a 15000$ discount because we're going to buy everything from them and on top of that they're throwing in a lot of nice little extras like all the lamps/chairs/rugs/decorative-accents for free.

The only thing we haven't really done yet is try to get a new car to replace the one that burned. But my mom is getting a rental from her work for like 10$ a day (which does add up) and that's not too bad. Luckily we've found out that my mom has pretty great credit (her score is like 776 I think? XD). So we don't really foresee any problems when it comes to getting a new car.

hot muscle dude

hot muscle dude colored

I've pretty much blew through my tax return buying stuff I could really have waited on. LOL but ohwells. I think I deserve it after everything that's happened. XD

If you've ever saved any of my artwork or photo manips please email a copy to yumetheseraphim@gmail.com
I also would appreciate MP3s ;3; <3 Thanks~
Tags: artjunks, being dumb, fire, life
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