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Imagine wandering up and down the forest without industry


Ugh, I can't draw for crap right now. AND For some reason I really want to...

Anywoo, I was trying to draw some supernatural junk in an animu style and it just took forever. It didn't start to come together until about 5 hours in and by then my hand was really hurting and I wanted to go to bed.

I am really, really stupid, when it comes to using my tablet right now. I don't know why. I keep pressing way to hard and giving myself hand cramps.

I have an amusing story now.

On Christmas eve I went up to my cousin's house (about 20+ miles outside of the city) to help her wrap presents for her kids (there was a 4-5 foot radius of presents around their tree. I want to be these fucking kids. XD). My brother and my cousin's husband-man (who is some how probably my cousin too, the blood lines are so convoluted anymore I just call everyone my cousin.) were using my car to deliver our gifts to our family so the husband-man had to drive us home so that he could pick up his own car.

On the way home, we stopped for gas and this dick in a pick up truck almost hit our car because he was chasing this woman (I am guessing she was his girlfriend) in another pick up in circles around the gas tanks. The two trucks were both from an air condition repair company and they must have went around the gas tanks at a ridiculously dangerous speed maybe 10 times before the girl pulled out of the gas station onto the street. The guy rammed her at the stop light. lol

The husband-man thought it would be fun to follow them and see how it all played out (and I didn't really care - I dislike being the voice of reason, especially when there are supposedly more mature people involved. :'D). So we caught up with them again about a block away at another gas station. XD The were circling the tanks again, but I guess the girl had called some friends, because she stopped near the door of the convenience store and some dude jumped out of her truck and got into a car parked nearby.

The girl tried to drive away after that, but the guy in the other truck pulled up beside her and sideswiped her so that she couldn't move without tearing the fuck out of the drivers side of the truck. She tried anyway and got maybe 5 feet further before he let her pull ahead of him. She got out of her truck and went into the convenience store (the guy who had jumped out her her truck followed) and the crazy guy in the other truck went in after her.

The "other man" hid in the back of the store while the truck couple yelled at one another. I think the clerk was calling the cops at this point, but I dunno because if it was me I would have called them the moment the two trucks started zooming around my gas tanks. XD

Anyway, the "other man" manned up and tried to throw a punch at the crazy truck dude, but the girl's friends jumped in and he backed off and hid behind the clerk. And to add even more weirdness to the whole thing, while they were inside the store another guy snuck into the crazy guy's truck and took something. He then jumped out of the truck all Mission Impossible style and rolled into some bushes and hid while the crazy truck guy got back into his truck and left.

XD We thought the guy in the bushes had taken the truck keys, but apparently not. We left after that because we figured the cops must be on their way (finaly) and the husband-man had been egging the fight on yelling all kinds of crazy stuff. XD

The guy in the bushes never came out of the bushes. lol
Tags: artjunks, being dumb, lulz, woe is me
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