☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

It's Delightful, It's Delicious, It's a Fish Tank!

Happy Birthday Ippus!

Also Happy Birthday to Amy & Sarah (6 and 3 days ago)! :D

Q: What do you buy for someone who already pretty much has everything that could ever want?
A: A 500$ fish tank

I couldn't figure out what to get my mom for xmas and that seemed as good of a thing as any. She has these 2 horrible 10 gal tanks on either side of our kitchen sink and they're just horrible to look at. :"D and both of them are filled with gold fish and mutantly-large sucker fish (algea eaters?). What ever they are I really don't like them. XD

So for like the last week I've been telling my brother that we have to move his desktop computer out of the dining room and into the living room so that we can move the dinning room table into the front room ... so that we can get rid of this giant office desk my mom brought home from work and told us was her new sewing station (but has never been used to sew in like over 3 years maybe XD) ... all this so that we can put up the 12 ft xmas tree we all hate for being so big and in-the-way.

In other xmas news, I have done so much stupid xmas shopping this year. And! I didn't buy crap. I just hung out and gave my opinion on gifts for other people. I kept telling everyone that we were skipping xmas this year. Yesterday we went out and did all our xmas shopping in about 2 hours. Everyone is getting an electric ice cream maker. Huzzah!

Uh what else...

Oh yes, we saw an advanced screening of I am Legend and PS I Love You. Both very good movies even though iamlegend crapped out in the end with it's happy ending bullshit. PS was a much better film. :o I can't decide if boysdontcry (Hillary Swank) is pretty or handsome. :')

AH! also x 2! The Golden Compass = Awesome. Again, crapped-out happy ending, but it wasn't a direct change to the ending so I still loved it. ANDOMGTHEFIGHT with all the little puffs of gold dust. XDDDD AND BEARFIGHT LOL

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Should be on yumelicious, but I am lazy lazy lazy. :'D photoshop shapes are the bomb.
Tags: artjunks, happy birthday
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