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That doesn't sparkle with her huh?

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I started this because I wanted to draw something for Johanna, but it didn't come out like I had imagined it in my head. So haha, here's a picture I drew you like 3 weeks ago. ♥♥♥

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I drew these during the funeral thing I went to a couple of days ago. the near-naked one I drew because we were teasing my nephew about "The Snoop Dogg Video" which is some kind of Girls Gone Wild thing. lol The other one was just boredom. You like my generic stars, don't you? XD

In other news, I have been baking/cooking since day before yesterday! I got a 5 hour break just now because it's too early to start the turkey. :')

I was supposed to wait until 10am today and cook everything with 2 of my cousins, but I'm glad I got everything finished early. Now I can goof off while they uh make fruit salad and open cans of stuff to warm up. LOL aka I'm a jerk.

ps - more evidence surfaces to further validate the rumor that yume may be gay: I installed VirtuaGuy2 LOL! It. Is. So. Fucking. Hilarious! OMG It's supposed to be sexy, but everytime one of these little guys pops up and hops around I laugh like an idiot. :') I really hope it doesn't fill my computer with internet STDs though. XDDD


Tags: artjunks, being dumb, cats, gift art, life
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