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he's a genie now .. in my head !!

[20:51] *** Silvrain has joined chat.
[20:51] yume> hey silv
[20:51] Silvrain> yo
[20:51] Silvrain> whoah, no one's in chat O__o
[20:52] yume> the most important thing in life is to use a #2 pencil
[20:52] yume> #2 ..
[20:52] Silvrain> I use a 5F
[20:52] yume> :O you are filthy with lies
[20:52] Silvrain> Because I press really, really bloody hard.
[20:53] Silvrain> Hehe
[20:53] yume> XD
[20:53] yume> :o i have a headache in my eye
[20:53] Silvrain> ..isn't that an eyeache then?
[20:54] yume> it feels .. wait someone is here
[20:54] yume> :o someone tries to speak to me
[20:54] yume> face to face
[20:54] yume> :'D someone does not know the rules
[20:54] yume> >:0 i will skool him
[20:54] yume> i will skool him good ..
[20:55] * Silvrain snorts
[20:55] yume> jesus i hate [eople
[20:55] yume> XD why .. if i don't want to deal with your problem on the phone are you going to come here and then try to tell me your problem?
[20:56] Silvrain> You still working at that place? I thought you quit it
[20:56] yume> :'D oh man .. they talked me into staying
[20:56] * yume is full of teenage angst
[20:56] yume> :O wait!
[20:56] yume> i am not a tenager anymore
[20:57] yume> what kind of angst do i have?
[20:57] Silvrain> The heck is going on!?!
[20:57] Silvrain> There's this wierd popup of everything i've ever typed in chat popping up x___X
[20:57] Silvrain> You have 20something angst
[20:57] yume> :o 20something angst feels like stupid teenage angst ..
[20:58] Silvrain> I feel your pain.
[20:59] yume> actually i am all numb and unfeeling :'D and i can't make good life changing desicions by myself
[21:00] yume> :o i used a fortune cooke to decide wether to stay or leave
[21:00] Silvrain> Next time use the I-Ching
[21:00] Silvrain> That shit is reallllly freaky >__>
[21:00] yume> :o i ching?
[21:00] Silvrain> It's this chinese book
[21:00] Silvrain> And you toss three coins six times
[21:00] Silvrain> and then you look up the results of the toss
[21:01] Silvrain> and it tells you the answer to the question you asked x___x
[21:01] Silvrain> It is very scary
[21:01] yume> :o
[21:01] yume> so throw coins
[21:01] yume> what are the answer things?
[21:01] Silvrain> See, there's only a limited number of probabilities
[21:01] yume> k
[21:02] Silvrain> three coins can only land heads heads heads, heads heads tails, heads tails tails, and tails tails tails
[21:02] Silvrain> Heads equals a solid line _____
[21:03] Silvrain> you write it from the bottom up
[21:03] Silvrain> It's hard to explain, my father is really largely into it, though.
[21:03] Silvrain> But it's freaky, it has never given me an answer I did not need
[21:03] yume> k im going to throw a penny i found, and a quater and dime i had in my pocket
[21:04] yume> i got two tails and a head
[21:04] Silvrain> wait wait wait
[21:04] *** Tigger_180 has joined chat.
[21:04] * Silvrain grabs the book and a pen
[21:04] Tigger_180> hihi
[21:04] Silvrain> what question do you want to ask, first?
[21:04] yume> is teh penny lucky since i just found it on the ground?
[21:04] yume> should i stay with my job
[21:04] yume> hiya tigger
[21:05] KODAMA> :o
[21:05] * Silvrain asks it aloud
[21:05] *** syhm has joined chat.
[21:05] Silvrain> Ok do your first toss and tell me what comes up
[21:05] Tigger_180> hi yume
[21:05] Tigger_180> hi syhm
[21:05] yume> :O
[21:05] yume> XD this feels like magic stuffs
[21:05] yume> do i have to hold the coins when i ask?
[21:06] syhm> hi
[21:06] Silvrain> It's a good idea to
[21:06] Silvrain> Toss!
[21:06] yume> k
[21:06] yume> all tails
[21:06] Silvrain> ok again
[21:06] yume> should i shake up the coins?
[21:06] Silvrain> if you want
[21:07] yume> does it matter which hand i throw with?
[21:07] *** Kyra has joined chat.
[21:07] Silvrain> nope
[21:07] Kyra> Hello! :D
[21:07] yume> all tails again
[21:07] Silvrain> ..oh man
[21:07] Silvrain> ok toss again
[21:07] yume> 2 tails 1 head
[21:07] Silvrain> ok
[21:07] yume> all tails
[21:07] * KODAMA thinks yume needs to stand on his hands naked and spit the coins at teh sky
[21:07] Tigger_180> HI Kyra! *hugs*
[21:07] Kyra> ^o^ Hi tiggz :D
[21:08] yume> all tails
[21:08] Tigger_180> howwwww doooo you dooo
[21:08] Kyra> what would nudity do to help? O.O;
[21:08] KODAMA> XD I bet yume is too weak to stand on his arms :'D
[21:08] yume> :O i dropped a coin, does that count?
[21:08] Silvrain> two more, yume
[21:08] Silvrain> No
[21:08] Kyra> I do well, thank you :D
[21:08] yume> 2 heads 1 tail
[21:08] Silvrain> last one
[21:08] yume> 1 head 2 tails
[21:09] yume> bleh my hands smell like blood and money
[21:09] * Silvrain runs to look up the hexagram
[21:09] yume> XD it prolly says i will die
[21:09] yume> horribly
[21:09] * syhm listen what 50 cent have to say ^^;
[21:09] Silvrain> Yoru hexagram is "Tui"
[21:09] yume> :o
[21:09] Kyra> :o'
[21:10] Silvrain> Preserverance is favorable in your situation
[21:10] Kyra> Well, loo kon the bright side, at least you know everyone dies one day! :'D
[21:10] yume> whats that mean?
[21:10] *** KumiKumi has joined chat.
[21:10] yume> :o so sticking it out is good?
[21:10] Silvrain> Good fortune if you are contented
[21:10] Kyra> HI kumi!
[21:10] yume> :o i wont die
[21:10] KumiKumi> Hey! ^__^ /
[21:10] yume> i have a pact with god
[21:10] KumiKumi> ahhh I can finally draw and come in here again ;__;
[21:11] Silvrain> Ahhh you should forget your past mistakes
[21:11] yume> XD oke, so it means that if i stick around through the crap and am basicly happy staying even though i want to leave i will get lucky?
[21:11] Kyra> XD
[21:11] Silvrain> wait, I'm reading the nines
[21:12] Silvrain> "Nine in the second place means remorse disappears"
[21:12] yume> ooh helpless is on
[21:12] yume> :o wow .. that's like right on i think
[21:13] Silvrain> "we often find ourselves associating with inferior peopel in whos company we are tempted to lower our superiority"
[21:13] *** Tigger_180 has left chat. (Quit: iuno)
[21:13] * syhm listen what the coins say
[21:13] Silvrain> "When recognizing this, a superior man will not permit his will to swerve. Not even dubious company should keep you from your task."
[21:13] yume> cause i was really pissed off that i was leaving and feeling all bad and depressed like about it
[21:13] Kyra> O.O; :D
[21:13] Silvrain> "every cause for regret will be removed with time"
[21:14] syhm> coins say "What are you starring @ us? We're just coins.
[21:14] Silvrain> And that's it
[21:14] yume> XD i think this is a spell thing
[21:14] Silvrain> It is
[21:14] * yume feels powers in the air
[21:14] Silvrain> I swear to god this is mystical
[21:14] yume> :o i am charmed now i think
[21:14] Kyra> O.o; XD
[21:15] * Silvrain hides the books again
[21:15] yume> XD i was going to use these coins for a soda, but i think i will save them for other spells :d
[21:15] Silvrain> This is so not somethign to be messed with .__.
[21:15] yume> :o maybe i should pull out the tarot cards before my trip thing
[21:16] syhm> didn't your mom told you not to play with money? tsk, tsk
[21:16] Kyra> I know waht my future says!
[21:16] Kyra> t says I will be inthe 7th gate of hell by satuday night!
[21:16] Kyra> :'D
[21:16] Silvrain> Hi Kyra
[21:16] Silvrain> Sorry I couldn't say hi, I was chanelling the power :P
[21:17] Kyra> ...... he says, 9 minutes later XD
[21:17] Silvrain> Kyra, shut up or I'll make you color my coloring book thing :P
[21:17] yume> :'D i can feel the power of the #2 pencil's coursing through my cuircets
[21:17] yume> XD jebus how do you spell that?
[21:18] Silvrain> circuit
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