☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Never has D: expressed my soul so much

I installed and setup a Wordpress Blog at yume.caffeineangels.com then had to remove it because it made all subfolders unlinkable. :l

I succeeded, after 5+ hours or working on the godamn blog coding to get it to look have way decent, to also completely delete every random file (none of which I ever backed up) I ever uploaded to the yume folder. :'D LOL

I think it's time that I leave yahoo for webhosting and sign up with someone new. I'm paying about 40$ a month to keep caffeineangels.com and bishoujo.net at yahoo. And yahoo seems to have dumbed everything down so much that it makes any type of real customization impossible. :(

Poll #1082136 Should I renew Bishoujo.net

Should I renew my domain BISHOUJO.NET?


who do you use for domain/webhosting?

Which Domain would you rather visit - CaffeineAngels.com or Bishoujo.net? I have until February of next year to renew Bishoujo.net and I dunno if I want to. I never use it and I've only kept it this long because it kind of sounds cool, but is it too weeabo? I can't tell. Because CaffeineAngels.com doesn't seem to sound all that much better. LOL :(

also this is funny (but NSFW kind of):

Tags: woe is me
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