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100% pedophilia free (I assume, I haven't actually watched these yet...)

Taken from my2k

3x06: Avatar and the Firelord [link]

3x07: the Runaway [link]

3x08: The Puppetmaster [link]

:D I am skipping a shower to watch these! :O OH (on that note kind of), I guess I was maybe sort of zinc deficient? XD It's been maybe 2 weeks since I started taking zinc and I've already noticed a decrease in greasy-mexican-ness and my blood sugar is slightly lower then usual (which is good for me since mine rarely drops below 150-200 now a days).

We're watching that movie Next with Nicholas Cage. :( Why doesn't someone buy that man a decent hairpiece? forserious. I mean, his face is alright (for nicholas cage) and the body is pretty hot, but hair D: wtf.

Uh what else? :'d I was forced to take part in the Tribe's annual Halloween party last night. I wanted to killz myself. I seriously hate all of those people. That is not a joke. When I see them, I want to set them on fire. And my mom is too selfish and immature to just let me skip it. She guilt tripped me into going (actually she guilt tripped me into paying for, baking and decorating fucking 30 cakes too) saying that I needed to run the stereo for the cake walk, when it was way too loud where we were for any type of music. So I ended up sitting in a corner looking miserable and pissed off and only old people talked to me. :( Because only the world weary and old know the true amount of rage that I am filled with. XD

:( I know it's sad and messed up, but I sort of can't wait for one of us to die. XD Horrible, yes, but jesus christ, she just makes me miserable anymore. And not like wah-wah my mom is an inconsiderate jerk-mom, she actually goes out of her way to make me feel bad. She picked a fight with me the other night because I didn't want to touch a cut on her hand before I washed my own hands. :')

HAHA this was supposed to be a happy post about avatar and prejiduce, but I made it all emo.
Tags: being dumb, life, woe is me
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